wDec 22, 2007

I wax on, and on, and on. I hope that after this, my entries will become more interesting again

Oh, I am done with finals and it feels so nice. I feel so happy right now! I even finished my last final an hour early, so I was able to eat dinner with Antoine, and drop him off at the bus station before he left.

After that, I drove out to Gretchen's house, which is out a ways, in the country-ish. There was some really heavy fog tonight, so dense that I could only see about 30 feet in front of my car. Of course, this meant that I missed my turn (in fact, I missed an entire cemetery that was supposed to be my landmark!) by about 8 miles, but eventually I found Gretchen's house. It's so pretty! I wish that it hadn't been foggy about, because it's surrounded by woods and hills. The inside of the house is beautiful, too! And of course, her room is full of good books. There was a bonfire outside, and hot cider on the stove, and Gretchen's cute dog. I haven't been by a bonfire in a long time, and of course, the company was good as well. As a bonus, I have more Angel to watch when I finish season 1, and the first volume of Brian K. Vaughan's "Y: The Last Man."

And now I am home, and smell pleasantly of bonfire, a smell I haven't smelled in quite some time.

For the interested, Rightstuf.com is having a relatively nice sale on various anime titles. If I don't receive the Fullmetal Alchemist package before Christmas (we open most of our presents on Christmas Eve), I might just buy it for myself. Maybe. At the moment, I'd rather have Princess Tutu and Black Lagoon. Must bide my time and open Christmas presents first!

Anyway, it's off to bed now, so that I can wake up and pack, clean, and leave. I'll be driving with my friend Angela, and hoping that the roads will not be icy. Everyone keeps saying that they will be, but it's 1am and it's still 35 degrees outside....it is supposed to rain tomorrow, but no snow until night, I don't think.

Also! Provided that the person in question lives on the same side of the highway as my parents, I intend to walk when visiting friends, when possible. I easily walk the mile between campus and the Capitol four times a week, not to mention all of the other walking on campus, between bus stops, and to stores. Why is it that once I reach the suburbs, I feel the need to drive everywhere, even if it's only blocks away? Exercise is good for me anyway. So, that's my resolution for break. Walk when possible, and no, I won't accept a ride from you, my high school friends.

Current Music: The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

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