wDec 16, 2007

I am a beautiful animal! I am destroyer of worlds!

Class is done, work is done, Anime Club is done. It's a weird point in the semester, where I feel ready to move on to the next thing, but I am held back by these exams that I must prepare for and take. While I do just fine at writing papers (although, as I learned this semester, not when I have to write them all in a row and have no preparation time), I am not good at taking tests. So finals week is always a battle of how much studying (and what kind) will be effective. Not to mention a battle of self-esteem.

But. Life has been good for the last couple of days. On Thursday evening, I went with Antoine and a bunch of guys to go see "Blade Runner" at a theater, for its new director's edition cut. Shockingly, the movie makes a lot more sense when a person is awake for the the whole thing.

Friday night, Antoine and I had a good dinner at Vientianne Palace with our friends Creighton and Carolyn, and then spent a good amount of time perusing Borders. I purchased a few Christmas presents, and drooled over things, like this gorgeous new edition of Gone With the Wind. Yes, it is one of my favorite books.

Holy crap, I am so excited for when finals are done. Immediately after my last final, I'll be saying goodbye to Antoine, who's leaving so that he can fly out to Florida the next morning (OMF, I could have spent Christmas in Florida with him and his family, but I decided to go home instead. I expect to regret this decision? We'll see!). After that, I'll go to Gretchen's for a holiday party....with a certain Hugo-award winning author and her Tor editor husband! Bwahahaha, I'm sorry, I just think that that's the coolest thing ever.

Plus, you know, being home and not working for 2 weeks, and then being in Madison but not having class for 2 weeks. At some point, I'll make a list of things I intend to watch (movies, anime, TV) while in GB, so that interested parties can vocalize their wishes.

I found this NY Times article hilarious. It gives sci-fi novel suggestions for all of the presidential candidates. Please note that it is hilarious even if you don't like sci-fi.

Anyway, I'm off to study for a while now. But I will keep this in mind. And it's true.

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