wDec 18, 2007

Finals: These are Times of Insanity

My sincere attempt to not spam my blog like I did yesterday will involve me keeping the write-a-post window open all day. I think that we will all appreciate it more this way!

10:29am: I've felt sick to my stomach today and yesterday. I'm hoping that it's stress. If I actually get sick...well, not really sure what I'd do. FREAK OUT, that's for sure. Today, my goal is to *not* watch 3 episodes of Angel and 2 episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, like I did yesterday. Possibly, only one of each. Maybe I shouldn't watch Angel at all. Let's see how this goes. Right. Studying. Reminder to self: Your Genocide midterm is tomorrow. Okay. Am scared now. Off to study.

2:30pm: Spoilers for Avatar: The Last Airbender, Day of Black Sun and The Western Air Temple episodes

5:20pm: Chad decides he shouldn't take the time to go grocery shopping today. I hesitate, but then agree. My final is tomorrow morning, and I can go for groceries later in the day and not feel so badly about it.

I retrieved my Women's Studies paper from campus today. The grade was lower than I had hoped, but about what I expected (maybe even higher than I had expected). I also picked up my resume from Career Services, which now has suggestions written all over it (so much for my Uber Secret Plan for Job-Getting, which I've decided was unnecessarily secret). Step 2 = fixing the resume, and then going to a meeting with a Career Advisor on Wednesday.

6:22pm: OMGDOYLE! Must study now. I feel like I'm about to be violently ill. This better not keep up. I spent my entire senior year of high school feeling sick after every time I ate, but I thought that I had figured out why. Stooooopppp, please.

6:51pm: A REVELATION. I had thought that the grade I received on the paper I picked up this afternoon was a BC, but then I looked over the critique sheet, and noticed that in every category, "Excellent" was circled. Well, what the shit is this? I thought, and then I realized that my grade was an A, and my TA's initials were BC. IT'S A WIN.

9:25pm: Why would I read old diary entries from my journal? That was really stupid. The last thing I need is memories bothering me, and falling into a pit of angst. I tend to fall into pits of angst all on my own, thank you. I don't need to remember all of the people who have made my life suck more.

10:12pm: I am such a snot. In discussion sections, it's generally hard for me to think of things to say because I find most thoughts that enter my head painfully obvious. Unlike many of my classmates, I opt not to share the obvious things. But, in reviewing the notes for tomorrow's midterm, I keep reading tallies in the the margin recording how many times I participate, so that I'm sure to do it at least once every week. Usually, there are one or two tallies - occasionally, there are three. But there was one very active participant (there always is), and because I'm a jerk like that, I decided to keep a tally for him as well. His tallies are more like 11, 13, 8, 10, and one particularly special week, which was 20. Sometimes, I wish that we were allowed to write reviews of our more vocal classmates, in addition to our professors and TAs.

8:40am: Am feeling very ill again, after eating. In fact, this morning I felt ill while I was eating, and had to stop and take a break.
Oh, well. I'll leave on a bus soon, for my 10:05am final. Because I am that kid, the one who gets to the lecture hall 40 minutes early just because she knows that's one part of the exam that she can handle - showing up.

12:35pm: Well, I'm done with one of my classes. I really need to eat something. Probably ramen.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 12:44 PM

LOL I wish all of my mediocre grades were my teacher's initials. Are you sure this really happened? Perhaps you are living in a sit-com.

That's why I never participate. Either I have no effing clue (and I'm not about to shout out arbitrary answers like some dumb asses I know) or it's painfully obvious - I let the pawns do the grunt work, the queen only moves when the king is in check (or to pwn some sad motherf****er). Kudos on intrinsically calling that kid out on his ridiculousness lol That's our Badass Jackie.

By Blogger Steph, at 2:26 PM, December 18, 2007  

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