wNov 27, 2007

Tokyo Babylon, vol. 1-7 (All)

My journey through CLAMP manga continues!

On the surface, Tokyo Babylon is a mystery series. Protagonist Subaru Sumeragi is an onmyouji, and spends his time performing exorcisms on afflicted citizens of Tokyo. He is aided by his twin sister, Hokuto, and a veterinarian named SeishirĊ Sakurazuka. The series starts out as a basic monster-if-the-week story, focusing on negative aspects of today's modern society (the people who need exorcisms range from those teased at school to elderly people who feel like they're a burden to their families). As the series progresses, however, details that began as odd little quirks develop into massively important plot points. Why does Subaru always wear gloves? How come SeishirĊ is always hitting on him?

I'd recommend this series. It's only 7 volumes long, and CLAMP uses a lot of blank space in this series. I think that I read all 7 volumes in 3 or 4 days, and that's including college duties. I'd say it's very doable to read all 7 in one day.

Spoilers are at my LiveJournal.

The library has CLAMP series Man of Many Faces and Clamp School Defenders waiting for me. I don't think that either one of those series is particularly gripping, but once I finish them, it might be time to read X. I have a feeling that I'm going to be extremely disappointed that X is an incomplete series. Why would CLAMP do that? So cruel!

If you are going to leave spoilers in the comments, please put a warning in the subject line of your comment, or make the font color of the text white, so that the n00bs don't get it ruined!

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