wNov 18, 2007

A quick post, so that I can chain myself to my English paper

Firstly, a couple of links:
It might not make as much sense here on Blogger, but over on LiveJournal, every time you make a post, you use a picture icon to go with the post. How many icons you get depends on the type of account you have with LiveJournal. In this post, I describe the meaning of 7 of them. Interesting enough, I guess. I wish I could have icons here on Blogger, too, but oh well.

A post, and comments, dealing with the issues Heroes has been having this season when it comes to gender and race. It is not just me, I swear!

Borders plots to ruin my book-perusing experience in every way imaginable. And I had gotten so excited, too, because at the Madison location, they just moved the manga section to be right next to the young adult.

My Real Reason for Posting:
There should be a CLAMP manual. (For those who are confused, and curious, CLAMP is a 4-person team from Japan that writes manga. Lots of manga! They are so prolific that they have their own tropes!)

I’m working on reading all of CLAMP’s manga, and there’s a lot to cover, as they are quite prolific. I just finished reading Clamp School Detectives and Tokyo Babylon. I know that it isn’t necessary to read every other CLAMP title in order to read Tsubasa Chronicle/xxxHOLIC, but I would like to read as many as possible in order to enjoy maximum appreciation. Also, I'd like to read many of the series for the sake of themselves. Still, I think that they’ve written over 20 series, or something equally absurd.

My “must” list so far is X/1999 (yes, I know it isn't finished, but I own half the series, and I want to get to it now that I'm done with Tokyo Babylon anyway), Chobits, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Cardcaptor Sakura. Does it matter what order I read these series in?
For that matter, when I finally start reading Tsubasa Chronicle and xxHOLIC, does it matter what order I read those two series in? Start with one, reach a certain point, and then alternate? (As I’m doing with the Buffy/Angel series)

Also, are there any other series I should check out, first? RG Veda? Angelic Layer? Miyuki-chan in Wonderland? Clover? Clamp School Defenders? Man of Many Faces? Suki? Wish? Legend of Chun Hyang?

My God, how is it possible to write so much manga?!

Note to Self: What You're Blogging About Next
* Beowulf movie
* Clamp School Detectives manga
* Tokyo Babylon manga

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