wNov 4, 2007

It is time to pwn.

I suppose that I should blog now, while I'm lying in my room at home thinking I should maybe, probably be doing homework or working on my story, but am instead doing not much at all. Also, I'll probably be too tired to blog later tonight.

Yesterday, my dad and I both brought our cars in to get the oil changed. They also did something with the antifreeze stuff in mine, so....I guess that was a win. We also went to this sweatshirt sale that was going on. It was kind of crazy how many people were there, browsing for cheap sweatshirts. Lots of people were leaving with garbage bags full of them. I just got a dark blue hoodie. I've had my Nike one since sixth grade, and the ends of the sleeves have been fraying for a while now.

We ate dinner at my parents' house again (Julie and Kevin and the kids came over), and then I went to Barnes and Noble with my cousin Molly. The omnibus editions of manga make me salivate. As usual, I walked around writing down titles of stuff that I want to read. I don't need to own any more books, is what I tell myself, although I don't believe it.

I have to go to church twice today. I went this morning so that we could see Olivia sing in the children's choir, and I'm going to have to go again tonight because I'm lectoring in Madison. I guess it's all right, though. I totally forgot that Thursday was All Saints Day until like, 9pm and it was too late to go, :/ Maybe I could sit in the back-ish, and do the reading, and then disappear? Is that really sinful? Is it sinful if I already went to mass today? Now that this plan has materialized, I'm sure that it will be fulfilled. I am so naughty, :(

On Saturday afternoon, my dad, sister, and I visited my aunt and uncle, and then the three of us went to the downtown library. Since I'll be back for Thanksgiving, I could actually check stuff out! It was pretty cool. I honestly think that the Green Bay library pwns the Madison one in terms of the sheer amount of anime and manga they have. It really is ridiculous. The two weeks that I'm home during Christmas break will be glorious.

Tokyo Babylon - You may recall that I got three volumes for $2 over a week ago. I checked out the rest of the series so that I can read all of it. My goal is to read all things CLAMP before delving into Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHOLiC. Because I want to fully appreciate the crack-tastic-ness when I get there.

W Juliet, volume 1 - High school kids are putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet, and Romeo is played by a girl. Plus, the costumes look so darn cute! I've been admiring the covers of this series for a while, so I figure I should try it out.

Cantarella, vol. 1-2 - I've heard good things about this series from Karin, and the name of the main character is Cesare Borgia. The pretty boys on the covers are dressed in medieval costumes and hold skulls, swords, and sprout wings. It is about Renaissance Italy, and the back cover promises a history written in blood. YES.

Land of Silver Rain, vol. 1 - based on the prettiness of the cover alone. The back cover tells me that the main character was abandoned in a cabbage patch as a baby, and is raised by a witch.

I love how crack-tastic manga is. Someone remind me to blog about CLAMP School Detectives when I finish reading it.

Anyway, I should go pack up my car now, and possibly find something to eat, and do as much reading for school as I can fit in. English literature and I are going to take like, an 18-month break from one another once I graduate from college, methinks. Normally, I get upset about the drive back to Madison because it's a long drive and not much to look forward to (back to school, have to go to church again, homework, blah, etc.), but I'm driving a boss of mine back from work, so there will be conversation.

How did I get to be so tired, with an extra hour of sleep? I don't know.

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