wNov 22, 2007


I am home now!

Yesterday was quite full. In the morning, I finished my horrible paper, and then went to campus to turn it in. I then returned books to Memorial Library, picked up lunch, returned books to the public library, sent out some Bookmooch books at the post office, and then went to work.

There were only about five of us at work, so it was a bit different. I then grabbed a bus, grabbed my car, and drove out to Verona to pick up Antoine from work. We stopped back at the house for Chad, packed up everybody's stuff, and set out. Unfortunately, right when we started driving, it started snowing. At first it wasn't too bad, but it kept getting really bad. Visibility was so bad that we stayed on 151 until Fon du Lac, because I was afraid that without a car right in front of me, I wouldn't be able to stay on the road. Once we got past Oshkosh or so, the storm stopped, and visibility was okay once more. The boys slept when it was the worst, but my mp3 player kept me focused!

We got home around 8:00 or so. Chatted with my parents a bit, and then walked over to my friend Lindsey's house, and got to see Heather, Laura, and Jennifer as well. I haven't seen most of them in a long time, so it was nice to spend time with them.

Anyway, I need to go put on makeup and figure out what (if any) homework I can get through today, before we go over to my sister's house. My mom's sister had five children, all of whom are over the age of 40, and most of whom now have families of three children. Add in Julie's in-laws, children, my parents, and Antoine and I, and....well, we eat family meals in 3 shifts. The only thing I'm dreading about the holiday is being unable to answer "So what are you doing after you graduate?" 15 times.

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