wNov 7, 2007

fight for you right for moneh

I'm not quite sure what's wrong with me. I just feel exhausted, every day, all the time.

After dinner, it's hard to get myself to care about school at all. I read as much as I can, waste time online, and just end up going to sleep.

Work friends are having a party on Friday night, and while I will be driving and not drinking, I feel like I'm just going to fall asleep anyway (normally, alcohol makes me sleepy).

Yesterday, I phoned Ryan so he could tell me about his ghost-hunting exploits with the paranormal research team at his college (WTF, why does UW not have one? Or do we???). We decided that during the two weeks that I'm home for Christmas break, there will be anime-watching. We hope to have a "pretty boy" night, and will probably watch Saiyuki and Descendants of Darkness, while eating $1 sundaes from McDonald's. All are welcome! We need to think of cool things to do. WTF, I haven't seen Ryan since last Christmas break. This simply will not do.

And as for the TV writers strike....lots of my favorite TV show people are involved!
Jenna Fischer (Pam, The Office) writes about why the strike is happening, and how it affects The Office.

Joss Whedon writes about how yes, writing actually is work, and how the media (even in the NY Times) sucks at reporting about the writers' strike. I love when the media reports on authors, and the authors just bite them in the ass for their ineptitude.

Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica)talks about why he's striking, and how BSG is affected.
I support the writers, but I must admit that I'll be quite upset if this *further* delays Battlestar. We last had new episodes in what, April? Some time last spring. And still have had nothing new, and won't until next April, at the earliest. The network wants to split the season in half (and this is the final season!!!), too.

Tim Kring (Heroes) talks about how this season has sucked so far. There's a lot of stuff he missed, but I really liked the latest episode, and hope that more good things are coming.

Anyway....piling the bed with blankets now, and then going to sleep.
scribbled mystickeeper at 11:33 PM

Wow, that's pretty unexpected for Tim Kring to address why his show has been sucking. Hopefully the rest of the (probably short) season is good though.

I don't think I can make it through school without new episodes of The Office, so they had better hurry up.

Also, you may be interested in: this. Not quite sure how that will work, but still interesting.

By Blogger Dave, at 11:54 AM, November 08, 2007  

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