wNov 12, 2007

Better now

Okay. So, I fell into my pit of angst on Thursday night, as evidenced by Thursday's blog entry. Thanks for nice comments. I never know how to reply to them. If I figure out what to say, I will (except for Ryan's comment, to which I say, YES, HOT BOY ANIME NIGHT(S) DURING CHRISTMAS BREAK, I AM ALREADY PLANNING SCHEDULES IN MY HEAD! :)

As much as I tell people I hate them, and I would much rather sit by myself in a room forever with all of the books, comics, anime, and TV shows I could ever watch, I am a social creature. This is probably due to spending the first 18 years of my life surrounded by family and lots of friends who forced to me go and do things, whether I wanted to or not. And now when I feel like crap, it's like I expect a group of people I feel comfortable with to just fall out of the sky and take me somewhere fun. Which does happen sometimes! But not usually. I mean, that's so weird, right? I have to like, call people, to do things? Make a plan? Ask them? *le gasp*

So what made my mood so much better? Being with people, obviously. On Friday, I went to a co-worker party (being an hour late so that I could watch the new Avatar: The Last Airbender episode, I am so awesome!) in Sun Prairie. Being a designated driver meant that I had a full proof excuse to not drink, which was good, as I feel that drinking lots of alcohol the day after falling into a pit of angst would not have been good. The party was a lot of fun. During the summer, I used to go out at least once a week with my work friends, but now it's the semester, and some of us (me included) don't like going out on school nights, and have weekends reserved for other friends. So, yay.

Saturday, I hung out with Antoine, went to Anime Club (OMF, I love Lovely Complex and Black Lagoon! Even though the first time I saw the first episode of Black Lagoon I wasn't too impressed. I will blog about them sometime), and then to Gordon's.

On Sunday, Gretchen came over and we watched five episodes of Buffy in a row AND IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME. Spoilers through the end of disc 5, season 4. Also, she left me with the rest of season 4, the first season of Angel, and season 5 of Buffy. I will show restraint! I will get schoolwork done! .....Maybe. After getting groceries, I then went to Antoine's to do homework. It was awesome! Antoine learned things about the menstrual cycle that he never knew before. :)

OMG, I also had the best weekend on Bookmooch EVAR. Do you want to know what I got in the last two days alone? DO YOU? Fear not. I will tell you.
- Please Save My Earth, volume 1
- Angel Sanctuary, volumes 2 and 3 (I've already gotten volume 1 off Bookmooch!)
- Magic Knight Rayearth, volumes 4, 5, and 6 (I intend to ask for the 1-3 omnibus for Christmas)
- Chobits, volumes 2-8 (I already got volume 1 off Bookmooch).
AND THUS, I AM VICTORIOUS, although I did annihilate the points I had been shoring up. I really need to weed through the books I have with me here at school, and do it again when I go home. It's all for the manga, yo.

Anyway, off to take a midterm now. Let's hope that I don't suck! OMF, tonight I'm watching Heroes with my friend Sandy from Wiscon! It's going to be awesome!

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