wNov 23, 2007

Behind Enemy Lines

Soon, I will leave my house and go to ShopKo. If any of you are home, do feel free to visit me! I'll be there from 11am until 8:30pm. It will be hilarious. I guess the store has some kind of new "savings" cards that I'm supposed to pimp from my register? OR NOT.

Presumably, I will have an hour-long break (hopefully) about in the middle, so don't come then. Also, do feel free to call up Antoine, who will be in my house, either reading or doing math problems from his math book. I did not think that such people existed - people who, after graduating, and getting a nice job, continue to do math in their free time. But Antoine is one of these people.

Last night around 9pm, we saw people in tents and underneath mountains of blankets outside Circuit City and Best Buy. Who are these people?

I did some shopping myself yesterday! Right after the Packer game, so we were pretty much the only people inside the store, except for those who had been watching football on the HDTV. I got a purse, a belt, and the second season of Buffy on DVD, all of which are on sale. If anyone needs cheap Buffy, they have full seasons at ShopKo for $16.99! I think it goes through Saturday, if you're avoiding stores today.

The holiday at my sister's house was nice. I am a bit upset that leftovers will be had for dinner there tonight, and Antoine will get some and I will not. Also, WTF is up with us arriving at my sister's, four people through the door at once, and all my nieces and nephew say is, "ANT-WOHN! ANT-WOHN!" HELLO, I AM YOUR AUNT, KTHX.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 10:12 AM

lol Aunt Jackie is Old Hat. It's all about the Antoine now.

Mason was very well-behaved last night and when I put in my Muppet Family Christmas DVD, not only did every adult watch with delight, but Mason took to intermittently hugging me while we were sitting on the floor because he liked the move so much :) I love babies.

By Blogger Steph, at 5:10 PM, November 23, 2007  

I feel for you, Jackie. My cousins like Creighton better than me now. He was invited to play 500 in the backyard yesterday. Twice. Me? Shafted. Eh, I love em anyway. ^_^

By Anonymous Carolyn, at 11:16 AM, November 26, 2007  

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