wNov 30, 2007

Anyway, the end.

One reason that I'm so excited to be done with education is because I will actually be able to blog every day. Every day, I write at least five entries in my head, but I'm lucky if I get the chance to post one, because I feel guilty about all the homework I have to do, or I am spending my rare free time with people.

I feel like I never talk about what my actual life is like in my blog. I complain about homework, yes, but homework isn't all that I do. I do lots of other things, too! Yesterday, it was a discussion and three power lectures in a row. Then, home to quickly clean the kitchen; then, off to a couple of bars right by the Capitol to watch most of the first half of the Packer game and have a "goodbye" bar-hopping for a co-worker who will be moving away (his last day was today). Then home with a co-worker and her boyfriend to join Chad and his entire law school study group for homemade pizza and the rest of the Packer game (WTF I HATE THE DALLAS COWBOYS AND HAVE SINCE THE AGE OF 8).

This morning was....up at 5:45am to go off to a liturgy meeting at church, work from 8-5 with an outing for lunch, outlining of Women's Studies paper, and reading of the Philip Gourevitch book about Rwandan genocide, peppered with manga-reading, of course.

Soon, I'll be off to join Antoine and his friends from grad school (and my friends too, I guess!) for dinner somewhere, and I think drinks or bowling? Something's going on, anyway.

I have two papers to work on, but sometimes I just know that if I were to be in my room all night for "homework," I would instead angst out, watch Buffy or Angel, and spend the rest of the night online, accomplishing nothing. So I might as well be socially-healthy, and get out of the house.

Or at least, that's how I justify it in my mind, :)

It really sucks that I wasn't able to start earlier on all of these papers, although all my papers are basically do at the same time; and right before that, all of my midterms were at the same time, too. School is structured quite poorly, in my mind. It all revolves around the convenience of the professor, and in most cases, I am not inclined to make their lives convenient.

I rarely blog about my life, but when I do, it seems like an ugly laundry list that no one would want to read. Oh well, time to go.

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