wNov 3, 2007

and i reckon there is nothing more to say

So, I am at my parents' house now. Today was kind of ho-hum, aside from waking up at an ungodly hour (5:45am) and going to a church liturgy meeting, and then work, and then driving home.

My sister's family came to my parents' house for dinner. My sister and I gave my dad 20 John Wayne movies and 20 other western movies for his birthday, much to his glee and my mother's vast disapproval (he will presumably watch them all the time, to her annoyance). After dinner, I went to my sister's house to watch Avatar with Dylan, and then my cousin Molly came over and we watched an episode of House.

I came home and then worked on my NanoWrimo story. I've written a bit over 1,200 words now, which is better than nothing! Ghost Hunters is still updating in the same place. As a total, from beginning to where I am now, the story has almost 30,000 words, which I guess is pretty damn awesome. Hehe, even if I only make it to 10,000 or so words each time....if I do it enough times, eventually the story will be done!

Who else is doing Nano this year? The people I know of for sure are myself, my cousin Molly, and Kristen. I have a profile on the NanoWrimo website. There's a link to it on the Ghost Hunters page, otherwise I'm under "Timria."

Anyway, I've been awake for a really long time, and now I shall sleep.

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