wOct 23, 2007

Too Tired for Titles

:( I must have fallen asleep around 11:00 without finishing my midterm. Woke up at 3:30, and wrote a bit, and now, an hour later, will be going to bed. Whyyyyy do I always fall asleep before I mean to, and then wake up for a long time in the middle of the night? This is why I am so tired all the time. Also, it's cold in my room and my nose is freezing. Woe. The rest of this entry was written before falling asleep.

Thoughts on tonight's episode of Heroes, "Fight or Flight."

I still have no Halloween costume. Nor do I have an idea for a Halloween costume. I always really, really would like to make a costume for an anime or novel character, but I never know how to do it, and never have the time. And now it's only days from Saturday, and I have nothing. Does anyone have any costume recommendations? Here are some costume-type things I have:
*A flower garland that I could wear on my head, with ribbons in the back. Pink, yellow, and white
*Black tights
*Skirts of various kinds: A couple black, one black with white accents, brown with floral accents
*A Lord of the Rings-esque cloak. Leaf-type clasp, hood, greenish, goes down to about my knees
*A cape that I procured at Wiscon. It's brown, with a pattern of leaves and flowers in a burnt orange color
*Mostly normal clothing?

My sewing skills are only rudimentary, but I could run and pick some stuff up at a craft store.....if I had an idea of what to do with it.

I had meant to mention this last night, but it looks like the budget is going to wrap up this week, from the legislative side of things. I was the one who got to go pick up the copies of the budget and deliver them to the Fiscal Bureau! Because driving state vehicles is awesome. Except when it takes me 3 full minutes to figure out how to turn off the headlights!

Current Music: I'm Your Villain - Franz Ferdinand

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