wOct 6, 2007

T minus something.

I expected to be home earlier last night.

Kristen and I actually expected to have time to study for Monday's Women's Studies midterm, but that didn't happen. I have no idea when/if I'll be able to study this weekend.

But anyway, Geek.Kon staff and friends spent 5 hours setting up last night, and things seem like they're ready for go-time.

Staff will be recognizable by vertical badges and well as green kerchief thingies.

I know some of you from Wiscon, but if you don't remember what I look like, there's brown curly hair just past my shoulders. I'll be wearing a long black skirt with white accents. My hope is to be working registration people and keeping the line to get in in order. Except when I'm at my panels, of course. Say hi to me!

I'm really afraid for my panels.

Annnnnnnd everything else.

If you want to help out, we do still need help. When you register, the room immediately to your left after you enter the building will have a volunteer coordinator and a volunteer schedule in it. She and the rest of us would greatly appreciating the gaps that are currently in the schedule!

It's going to be hot tomorrow. Bring water.

Also, I think this is obvious? But because Geek.Kon is on UW campus, we will have no food. Luckily, State Street is literally....right there.


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