wOct 24, 2007

Possibly my posts will be less spastic after midterms

OMF, the budget passed the state legislature, and my friend Angela wins the Senate page pool. I was a little more pessimistic, having opted for November 15th. Even though I didn't work today, I still felt like I did! The Wispolitics Budget Blog is like reading shojo manga, or watching a soap opera. The Senate didn't convene until 7pm! And afterwards, the Democratic senators went into caucus, and it sounded like Decker was lining up votes to challenge Robson's leadership of the party? (According to the blog!) But they just got out of cacus at 9:30, and Jauch said that no such vote was taken, just lots of discussion on "internal process." Buuuut, Decker makes it seem like it's not over yet. WHY DON'T I WORK ON TUESDAYS? I am so excited to go to work tomorrow. POLITICAL DRAMA FTW. WSJ is covering it, too. Is it worth blogging about state political drama? Does anyone but me care? Not sure. Too bad!

I still have my Genocide midterm on Thursday, but today was a much-needed release.

After class, Kristy, Chad, and I met Antoine at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. The food was good, and afterward, we shopped around the area.

I have decided to be Hagumi Hanamoto from Honey & Clover for Halloween, at the advice of Megan. I've purchased a wig that I think will work perfectly, and a hair net/cap thing to hide my own hair. The problem is, I'm not too share how to take good care of a wig, and make it look nice? It's a long-haired wig, and while the top is glossy and nice, the bottom is kind of matted? I tried to work through part of it with my fingers, but that seemed to make it more frizzy. The tag says that to wash it, I fill a tub with water and swish some shampoo in it, and let it air dry, and the "curls will snap back into place" (curls are gentle and more like waves, like Hagu's hair). Is this a good idea, or will it make it worse?

In this picture, Hagu (me) is in the middle. I think I have coerced Antoine into being Morita (in that picture, hard to see, he's the black-haired one). At least replicating Morita's costume will be really easy! Wheee, excitement.

AND, Half-Price Books has so much manga on sale! You don't even know! The deals are so good that I must tell you what books I got for how much. BECAUSE THE SALE WAS THAT GOOD.

Lone Wolf & Cub, vol. 16, 17, 18, and 28: $3
Boys Over Flowers, vol. 5, 6, 8, 9, and 13: $4
Tokyo Babylon, vol. 1, 2, and 4: $2
Also, I got X/1999, volumes 8 and 9 for $3 a piece.

THOSE ARE SUCH GOOD DEALS, I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT! Also, today from Bookmooch, I received in the mail Legal Drug, volume 1, and Trigun Maximum, volumes 1-4.

I need another bookshelf again. ;_;

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