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Geek.Kon has been getting lots of press this week, and that's cool. Wisconsin State Journal, Cardinal, Badger Herald, The Onion, AM radio tomorrow, NPR's "What Do You Know?" will be there, as will news stations. A few of the articles have had some factual errors, but whatever.

But what I presume will be printed in tomorrow's Wisconsin State Journal contains some interview questions answered by some Geek.Kon staffers, mostly Louise and myself.

Read this and tell me how I come off:
So being a geek is something to be proud of?

"Yes, very much so," she (Louise) says. "It's fun to be a geek."

"Plus," says Lee (that's me), "being a geek and being physically attractive are not necessarily mutually exclusive!"

Does it sound like I'm being narcissistic out of nowhere? I THINK IT DOES.

Here's how the (email) interview of that part actually went:
(Q: When did you first know you were a geek yourself? My response to this is in the article, but it's a necessary pre-cursor to the next one)
Q: Proud of that?

A: Not really proud or un-proud. Just am.

Q: Here's a very odd and final question -- for now. I read a long time ago about how women supermodels tend to date and even marry brainy, conventional-appearing or even ugly, older men, e.g. geeks. (Ahem -- this gives me hope.) Supposedly this is a psychologically defiant act, to show that while such women are revered for their appearances, they value depth and intellect above all. Is this perhaps true of us all? After tiring of youthful dalliances, we all want the substance that geeks possess?

A: That's a pretty hard question for us (college students and slightly older) to answer. I think that in the end, everyone desires a partner (if they desire one at all) who is intellectually stimulating. A person could be the most attractive person on the planet, but if they're stupid, life will get pretty boring pretty fast. Plus, being a geek and being physically attractive are not necessarily mutually exclusive! I find this question very strange and flawed. Does society really only value women for their appearances? "Should" women only value men for their appearances? Why can't attractive men be interested in geeky women?

DOES IT SOUND NARCISSISTIC NOW? I don't think so. I actually had Antoine in mind when I said it. He's pretty cute.

I giggled at how the article mentions that I'm a Senate messenger. LOLOL my fellow pages are going to be so amused - they find Anime Club hilarious.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 5:22 PM

I am pretty cute.

By Blogger Antoine, at 6:06 PM, October 04, 2007  

Yes you are.

By Blogger OgRe, at 1:14 AM, October 05, 2007  

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