wOct 10, 2007

Because checking the Wisconsin Book Festival Schedule comes before homework

I felt sulky all day today. It's finally gotten cold outside, and tomorrow I'm going to make Chad help me remove the air conditioner from my window. Because while it's not on right now, it's basically like having a window wide open, in terms of it being cold, and the amount of noise from outside. In fact, passing cars/buses are so loud that I have to turn the fan so I can sleep, and thus get very cold. I'm already wearing a hat and gloves, so......I guess I'll be burying myself alive tonight.

The annual Wisconsin Book Festival is here! I'm so excited to go to Memorial Library's Friends of the Libraries book sale tomorrow. Paperbacks for $1! I always find cool stuff there. Too bad they don't open until 10:30 tomorrow morning, and I have class from 9:55 until 3:45. Maybe I could skip some of my first lecture....bwahaha!

OH MY GOD! I had skimmed over the Wisconsin Book Festival schedule a couple of weeks ago, not looking closely, and was sad that nobody cool was coming (last year, I saw Lois Lowry, Neil Gaiman, Peter Straub, and a local professor who wrote a book about ghost hunting!).

LITTLE DID I KNOW. That Patricia MacLachlan is coming! As in, the author of the Newberry-Award winning book, Sarah, Plain and Tall. I remember loving this book as a child, and rereading it many times. MacLachlan is speaking at Memorial Union Theater tomorrow night, from 7:30-9:00pm. I will go to this over watching The Office! If anyone wants to come, give me a call, comment, or email me!

The author of the American Girls' Addy books is going to speak on Sunday afternoon, although the location is not on campus, and sounds kind of far away.

It might be fun to go see Congressman Dave Obey on Sunday, too.

People should let me know if they're interested in joining me for any of these events!


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