wSep 27, 2007

My moods usually are counter-intuitive

Holy crap, I want a rabies quilt like the one sewn by Phyllis in tonight's episode of The Office. A comfortable, colorful quilt with a different rabid animal in each square. I should learn how to sew, and then I could make myself such wonderful things. So, take note, Blog Reader. If you intend to gift me at Christmas, you can add "rabies quilt" to your list.

I feel like I'm in a wonderful mood right now, even though I didn't do much tonight.
Tomorrow morning, I need to pack for my weekend home, including laundry that I'm going to do there. Then I'll drive home, visit a couple of teachers I intend to meet, and go to the post office and mail some BookMooch books. And I actually have quite a bit of work to do in terms of homework, including writing a paper for Tuesday. I'm also going to be waking up in 6 hours so that I can shower and leave for home early.

And yet, I feel peaceful. I vacuumed my carpet for the first time in ages, my room smells good because I lit some candles earlier, I ate dinner with Antoine and Chad at a new nearby restaurant and it was delicious, I'm rereading Pride and Prejudice for class and loving it even more the second time through, and I'm getting so excited for Geek.Kon.

Due to work, school, and events that occurred on Sundays when the planning meetings happened, I wasn't always able to go to plan things, but I'll still be there Saturday and Sunday, all day. I like helping those in charge when shit is hitting the fan. It'll be like stage managing used to be, back in high school! I'm really excited to see some of our guests, like Joan D. Vinge, Chad Vader, and Patrick Rothfuss. If any of you are intending to go to Geek.Kon, I would highly recommend getting there early so you can get in.

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