wAug 4, 2007

Big Plans

First of all.....STOP IT, KTHX.

OMF, Ryan is famous! Way to pwn it, Ryan.

Today is going to be awesome! Antoine and I are meeting up with Steph and Gordon at Mitsuwa's Bon Odori Festival. It sounds like a fair number of people from Anime Club are going, too. So, I will eat delicious food there, and buy delicious food to bring home with me. And if there are cheap anime-related things....SO BE IT. :D

Antoine and I will spend the night on the floor of a friend of our friends, and then we will spend Sunday at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I think my goal will be to spend as little money as possible.

Anyway, weekend culture points will be win.

Not much has happened this week, aside from work. Most nights during the week, I came home and fell asleep in front of my laptop, and then woke up at 1am-3am wondering wtf was going on. I did start reading the Naruto manga. It is kind of meh so far, but I have assurances that it gets better. Sasuke has replaced Kekashi as my favorite. Sakura could easily become my favorite if she'd DO something. I also started reading X/1999. It seems awesome!

Anyway, I should go print off tickets and directions, and pack my bag. I just hope it doesn't rain! That would suck hardcore.

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