wJul 10, 2007


I don't know what to say! I'm going to be Juri from Revolutionary Girl Utena for Halloween, I think. Here are some reference pictures. There are lots of pieces and things to figure out. Still, this is as far in advance as I've ever started thinking about costumes, though (I'd like to wear it for Halloween, at at Geek.Kon, the first week in October).

I don't know. Maybe I'll pick something else if it seems too hard. What the hell, cosplay. I just want to look both pretty and badass at the same time, so it seemed Revolutionary Girl Utena was the way to go.

Blarrrgh. I really want to go Up North the last weekend in July, but that's when the Anime Club July showing is. I don't really have an interest in going this month, but it's also really difficult (or at least, it has been this last year) to motivate other people in Club to volunteer to do things. Hopefully something will work out.

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