wJun 11, 2007

teh suck

I don't even know how to describe the rabid angst I felt this weekend. I don't know if it stemmed for boredom or from something else. It could very well be just boredom - I didn't do much at all, and the stuff I did do was pretty boring. I'm proud of me for not blogging while in full-fledge angst mode, though. My journal got some colorful entries, though. :P Also, I worked on Ghost Hunters and sent one of my characters to get almost arrested, and another for a therapy session. (New stuff isn't posted yet.) Buuuuuut yeah. I pray to God that I don't get that angsty again. It sucked a lot, I tell you what.

Maybe I just need to get better at calling people. Like, Gretchen totally would have watched Buffy with me. I don't know. Halfway through Saturday, though, I was so far gone in angst that I refused to leave the house for anyone but Antoine, and we literally did nothing but sit around on his couch. I guess having the cramps from hell didn't help much either.

My goal for the summer is to rid my personality of all aspects of passivity, and to never let it seep back in again.

Mom and I had a bonding moment today when we realized that this mysetry series that she, my aunt, and my uncle like that takes place in northern Wisconsin is being published by Bleakhouse, the book publishing place where I'm interning on Mondays and Fridays this summer. Yay! My mom only reads mysteries, which are usually a little too formulaic for my tastes. Maybe I'll finish reading Victoria Houston's Dead Madonna so that we'll have something to talk about.

Thoughts on Buffy, Season 1
So, I know that in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sunnydale High is supposed to be like, everyone's collective memory of high school. But still, every episode, weird shit goes down because the town is on top of the Hellmouth. Wouldn't you move away from the school if like, any 3 of those events took place in your child's school, let alone 7 seasons' worth?

Gretchen, I know you left a comment saying you didn't find Angel all that appealing, and I think I've narrowed down my attraction to him. Like Steph, there is the obvious "made of sex" factor, but there is also ANGST. I am so shallow when it comes to fictional characters. At least with real people, I'm much harder to please.

I know that the series started in the mid-1990s when such things were popular, but could Buffy's skirts be any shorter? I'm glad styles have lengthened once again. Not that my clothes are ever in style, but, you know. Moreso than less-so is good.

I love that in the episode of everyone's worst nightmare, Giles' is that he can't read. LOL, that is totally my worst nightmare! The rest of that episode was really illuminating and sad, though. :/ sadface.

Since I know I'll be watching all 7 seasons, I'll keep a tally of favorite characters at the end of each season. Right now, favorite characters are: Buffy, Angel

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scribbled mystickeeper at 12:06 AM

Unfortunately, I was in Mt Horeb all weekend NOT wwatching Buffy with you. I actually have only seen about half of the first 3 seasons of Buffy, and am particularly interested in seeing the last episodes of the 3rd season. So KEEP ME IN MIND. Angst is sexy, you're right damnit. Maybe I just saw the wrong episodes involving Angel. He does some crazy messed up shit in the second season, though, and is far more interesting then. Willow has always been my favorite character.

By Blogger Gretchen, at 4:31 PM, June 11, 2007  

OMF, I will keep you in mind! Must get through season 2 first!
I think I'll like Willow more when she gets a little bit more of a spine.

By Blogger Jackie, at 4:55 PM, June 11, 2007  

The entire show gets better starting at season 4 or 5. Willow gets so much spine you'll be flabbergasted in season 6. Badass. Yes! LET'S WATCH BUFFY THIS WEEK!! When are you free? Also, don't forget to come to Jaci's bday celebrationing tomorrow night...

By Blogger Gretchen, at 5:11 PM, June 11, 2007  

When am I free? lol....Thursday nights are bad because that's when I go out with co-workers.
Wednesdays work well (although I'll still be on season 2 then), and I don't have plans yet for Friday night. Maybe I can see if Antoine is content to join us or not, lol.
On Fridays, I usually leave Bleak House around 3pm.
Otherwise, Saturday and Sunday this week is the big June Showing for Anime Club. There are showings going on from 1pm 'til 11pm. How much of the stuff I'll stay for, I know not. Additionally, Kristy and Chad (and Ryan?!) might be in town this weekend. I guess once I start figuring stuff out, it'll be easier to know....but for now, know that this week, anyway, Wednesday and Friday would be cool, although I haven't started season 2 yet.

I think that I will come to Jaci's birthday celebration tomorrow night, although I won't be drinking alcohol because I'll take my car. Also, I probably won't stay too late as I have to get up at 6am on Wednesday, :P

By Blogger Jackie, at 6:47 PM, June 11, 2007  

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