wJun 6, 2007

"It'll be all right," huh?

I still feel weird and angsty like I did last night. I don't know why. Maybe most of this is angst because I don't know what I'm doing after college yet (wtf, can anyone ever ask me a different question than this if they haven't seen me in a while? I promise not to fall into a gutter and die immediately after graduation. Even if I have to work 3 jobs that are McDonald's-level, I'll still be the same person and you can be proud to know me. I promise.). Mostly, I feel like if I could start writing again (fiction, not blogs/journals), it would help. I don't know if I can start, though. Starting is the worst, really. Except for the part when you reread and realize how shitty it is.

Current Music: Revolutionary Girl Utena, episode 29


scribbled mystickeeper at 9:33 PM

You should just start making things up. Like ridiculous things.

"I'm going to intern for NASA. It's a special project. They're sending me and the ghost of Jerry Orbach to colonize Venus. I guess we're the only two good enough. You'll probably be dead by the time I get there. Just remember that."

"I'm not at liberty to tell you. I'm sorry. All I can say is that it has to do with guns."

"My research proves that there's only 7 months left until the rapture...so I've pretty much spent all of my time learning how to slay 7 headed dragons. It ain't easy but I feel like it's a good investment."

You get the idea.

By Blogger Steph, at 12:57 AM, June 07, 2007  

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