wMay 5, 2007


I've wanted to write in here lately, but then I never do. It's kind of expected that the end of the semester brings with it an onslaught of stress and the need to curl into the fetal position. Other things have been making me sad too, though.

It has been confirmed by my Political Science adviser that I can't receive credit for another political internship - they all count as the same class number, which I already received credit for last summer. I hadn't realized how confident I had been in my summer plans until I received this information, and took it heavily.

I think my main problem is that I simply have no energy. It's already 1pm, and I still have yet to shower, yet to eat anything beyond crackers. I had wanted to wash some laundry, go to Westfield Comics, and also pick up some cookies for Anime Club.

I've had time to sample about as many new anime series as I wanted to, but I won't have time to make it beyond the first episode in any until after finals are over. Maybe I'll write more detailed stuff later on, but for now I'll say that I highly, highly recommend "Lovely Complex" and "Seirei no Moribito" (Guardian of the Sacred Spirit, in Japanese). And the second season of Victorian Romance Emma goes without saying, of course. And all of the other stuff I've already recommended. "Sisters of Wellber" I'm still not sure about, but am not entirely willing to give up on yet. "Lucky Star" was not really very funny at all, except for the opening sequence. Successor to Azumanga Daioh, my ass.

I guess that to accomplish any of these things, I should step away from the computer.

Current Music: Rinbu (Revolution) - Revolutionary Girl Utena opening

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