wMay 22, 2007

SO EXCITED for WisCon....can you tell? ;P

Today was my first day working from 8am until 5pm at the Capitol. The hour-long break is nice; the public library is only a block away, and there are lots of places to eat on Capitol Square. Although, there are lots of benches and stairs to sit on outside, so I think tomorrow I'll pack a lunch, sit outside, and read.

Chad left today, and now the house is empty and sad. I think that Staci and AJ are moving their stuff in on Thursday, but I'll probably be gone all day.

As today was my first entire day spent in freedom from school, Antoine and I hung out after work. He made dinner for both of us, and then we watched the second episode of Lovely Complex (Still highly recommended! It is cute and poignant and will make you claw at your face because of its high cute-content). We both tried to read, but were too tired. Antoine went to sleep, and I walked home. It was dark enough outside that people had their lights on, and because of the heat, a lot of people had their windows open, too. It was so interesting looking inside! I mean, I walk from my house to Antoine's (about 9-10 blocks) all the time, but I guess that people aren't always home when I do so. One old lady was sitting on her porch and scared the crap out of me when she started talking to me. I talked to her for a little bit, but also pitied her because she was probably lonely. Is she so lonely that she sits on her porch and waits for people to walk by so that she has someone to talk to? :/ When asked what my fear is, I usually answer that it is "the dark," which is true; but I think that my biggest fear is being alone.

I'm trying to figure out what my life is going to be like during this weekend, in which WisCon will occur. (WisCon is the feminist sci-fi and fantasy convention that will be here in Madison this weekend) I had intended to volunteer; volunteers get $20 of their $45 registration fee refunded. BUT, now I ask myself: Would I rather have $20, or would I rather have a more balanced life? Balance life wins.

Here Lies Intense, Meticulous Planning, So as to Have the Best Time Possible at WisCon

So, the next bit of schedule information is probably of interest only to Kristen and Gretchen, and others reading this who might attend WisCon. Let me know if you want to go to any of this stuff with me, or if you'd think I'd much more enjoy something else in the same time slot.

Wednesday: I won't be helping with the packet-stickering.

*I won't be helping with the packet-stuffing.
*I might attend at least the beginning of the reception for Laurie Marks and Kelly Link at Room of One's Own (Yay, Gretchen's bookstore/coffee shop!) and then do my Con Registration (picking up packets and name tag at the Concourse), BUT, I want to go to a movie with Antoine's friends at 8pm. I don't know when they're heading to the theater yet, so my plans for Thursday are a big "maybe," and even if I do go, I'll leave early.

*?-? Work at book publishing internship
*Before 5:30pm: Check out The Gathering and the Dealers' Room
*5:30~7:30pm: Grab dinner somewhere in Capitol Square/State Street area
*7:30pm - Attend Opening Ceremonies
Panel: "Whither Heroines?" About the NBC show Heroes. I think I should only attend if I can catch up, and I'm about 6 episodes behind at the moment.
IF NOT "Whither Heroines," THEN either the Laurie Marks reading OR the "Counting Past Two" panel
*10:15-11pm: Panel: "Entering the Labyrinth" An examination of young girls on the brink of adolescence entering threatening fantasy worlds: moving from Alice, Wendy, and Dorothy, to young Ofelia in Pan's Labyrinth.

*I'll probably skip the group outing to the Farmer's Market. This is my first week of work, so I'll need the extra sleep. Besides, I can go every other weekend this summer, if I want to!
*10:00-11:15am Panel: "Please Explain Slash to Me" Slash fans and authors explain the appeal of their chosen pastime. Why are women in particular so drawn to this form of expression, as readers and writers? What's so special about mucking around in someone else's fictional world? I will go for the talk of the cracktastic, and also probably references to anime and manga. I haven't gotten into slash much myself, but I do understand the appeal.
*Check out Tiptree Bake Sale; find lunch
*1:00-2:15pm Panel: "Why is the Universe so Damn White?" It's great that there are many great SF shows on television with diverse main casts. Stargate, Firefly, Battlestar, Buffy—in each you will find ethnic minorities in major roles. However, if you look in the background it doesn't take long to notice that even though the main players aren't all white, everyone else seems to be.
*1:00-2:15 alternates: "Three Comrades Go on a Quest..." panel OR "A Conversation on Feminism and Japan"
*2:30-3:45pm Panel: Cultural Appropriation Revisited, Part One. As part of an ongoing discussion of the issue of cultural appropriation, this year's panel will address what is perhaps the most controversial, and certainly the most discussed, aspect of cultural appropriation in fiction: the use or exploitation of cultures across racial, ethnic, or national lines. Writers and activists who concern themselves in their work with issues of dominant and marginal cultures will discuss the use in narrative of markers and artifacts of cultures that are not the authors' own. Should this be done at all? Where do the limits fall? How is it well done and how poorly done?
*4:00-5:15pm Panel: Cultural Appropriation Revisited, Part Two: Facilitated Discussion. The panel on cultural appropriation at WisCon last year raised issues that were hotly discussed online, and the panel that this forum follows is likely to do the same. This open forum is meant to give you the chance to explore these issues and how they matter to you. Through passionate discussion we can improve our awareness and find the common understanding that lies beneath our disagreements.
OR, if I don't feel like going to the facilitated discussion, I will attend the panel titled "Playing for Self-Esteem: How Video Games Represent Females And Affect Female Self-Esteem/Idealizing Fantasy Bodies in Video Games"

Rest of Saturday
Don't know yet!

Don't know yet!

Need to establish whether or not I'm working!

Current Music: Split - Suneohair (Chad left for the summer today. ;_;)

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You better put some pictures of this stuff! SOOOOO COOL! Have lots and lots of FUN!

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