wMay 7, 2007

slowly moving forward

Academically, things are steadily coming together. So far, anyway. You know, for now, when I don't actually have to do anything yet.

I don't know why the semester goes a week longer than usual this year, but I'm not too pleased about it.

As for this summer, I'm still not quite sure what will happen. I will work, for certain. I would like some kind of internship experience as well, so I guess that for now I'll have to wait and see what happens - I'm trying to follow up on the remote possibility of a political one (I can only work for a partisan (ie, elected) office while being employed as a Page if I get academic credit for it), and possibly one in book publishing. So, keep your fingers crossed, or whatever it is that you do. If nothing else, I'll volunteer more than I already plan on doing. No matter what happens, it will be a good summer.

I am now working on the second season of Samurai Jack (rented through Netflix), and may I say that it is the most excellent stress relief ever? I love the Scotsman.

I should sleep. This week's goal, above all else, is to get enough sleep as frequently as possible.

Current Music: Merry Christmas to Me - Suneohair

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