wMay 24, 2007

sad. possibly probably from lack of sleep

Okay, Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End? Let's beat dead horses for 3 hours straight! Really. I don't know if it was because I was hella tired or what, but I hated it (except for a few moments), which was a disappointment, especially after how much I loved the second film.

BUT, there was an amazing trailer for the movie "The Golden Compass," which I'm really excited about. It's based on the first book in a trilogy called His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman. I love these books, and highly recommend them. The movies look like they will be good, too.

For Gretchen and Kristen, whose phone calls I missed and don't want to call now because I fear they're asleep, and whoever else is going to WisCon, here's my finalized Friday schedule (no, I didn't go to anything at all tonight):

3pm - I get off from work, and will walk over to the Concourse. I think work is about a mile away, or something, so however long that takes.
Then-5ish - Check out The Gathering activities and Dealers' Room
?ish - Grab dinner somewhere
7:30 - Opening Ceremonies
8:45-10pm - "Whither Heroines?" panel (see previous entry for details)
Immediately After - Catch a bus, go home, and SLEEP, no matter what panel is at 10:15! Sleep is good, and I need it.

And, that's really all I have to say. My life this week has been sleep, make self look as decent as possible, work, make food, be social for an hour or two, sleep again. I hope that WisCon will be relaxing, in addition to awesome. That is all.

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