wMay 25, 2007

Jackie's First WisCon: Day 1

I started my internship today, and it was cool. Was is it as cool as WisCon? No. So let's move on. I'd like to blog about WisCon every night until it's done because, as longtime-readers of my blog know, if I don't write about something as soon as it happens, it will be months if not more than a year before I finally do.

So. WisCon? IS SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME. Firstly, for those who don't know, I'll let you know what exactly WisCon is. WisCon is a science fiction convention, mostly focusing on literature, with an emphasis on feminism. Gender, race, and class issues are also frequently discussed. Normal geek-type conventions such as Comic Con are focuses on dressing up in costumes and buying as much stuff as humanly possible (from what I can glean, anyway; I've never actually been to one). WisCon seems to have a bigger focus on panels that take an academic and thorough look at various issues, depending on the panel.

So, the first thing that I did at WisCon was attend The Gathering (actually, the first thing I did was find Kristen, but whatever). The Gathering was a large room inside the Concourse Hotel, which is where the con is taking place. There were tables with items for sale for an auction, jewelry for sale, hair braiding, palm reading, tea leave reading, etc. I made myself a bookmark at a paper craft table, and also went to the Clothing Swap at the very end, when people were just taking clothing. I got an apron made out of really pretty fabric. I wish it was a skirt. Kristen described it thusly: "You know how they make assless chaps? Well...it's kind of like...an assless skirt." Bwaha. It might be a skirt. It could also be a shawl that ties around my neck. I'm not really sure. But it's pretty, and I took it.

I also checked out the Dealers' Room, which was full of astronomically expensive pottery and jewelry, but also tons of books, some of which were sold by Gretchen (for Room of One's Own, the feminist local bookstore off of State Street!), and some of which were really cheap. There was one guy selling comics....BEAUTIMOUS COMICS, like the new Evangelion volume 10, and Princess Tutu, volume 2! I freaked out, but did not buy any yet. I'm sure I'll crack by Sunday.

Kristen and I obtained dinner at Cosi's and discussed important and grand things that need not be mentioned in this blog.

After that, we returned for Opening Ceremonies, which were touching and wonderful. WisCon is an awesome gathering of people who love science fiction and fantasy, and also who are more than that - people who care about the way characters are portrayed, the way societies are structured, the way people act toward one another - even when the people are made up.


The coolest thing about the Heroes panel was that I met someone whose LiveJournal I've been reading for a while now: Oyceter's! She came all the way from California. She was excited because I was reading Saiyuki manga, and I was envious of her knitting ability. In fact, lots of people are knitting at WisCon! I guess it's an easy thing to do while you're listening to panels. Anyway, we sat near each other during this panel, which turned out to be really cool for my first WisCon panel ever. Anyway, here are my organized notes. I won't get into my personal opinions too much, because I think I still have about 4 or 5 episodes to go before I am completely caught up. Thus, this write-up is a synopsis of what other people on the panel said, and I take no credit in thinking it up myself.

The point of this panel was to discuss the way in which women are portrayed in the NBC TV show, Heroes.

Spoilers through the season finale of Heroes lie here.

Lastly, this is useful for my fellow con-goers only, but here is my intended schedule for tomorrow:
10-11:15am - "Explain Slash to Me" panel
11:15-1pm - Lunch Break. Possibly meet up with Antoine!
1-2:15pm - Still undecided. Either "Why is the Universe So Damn White?" panel or "Three Comrades Go On A Quest..."
2:30-3:45pm - "Cultural Appropriation Revisited, Part 1" panel
4:00-5:15pm - Either "Cultural Appropriation Revisited, Part 2" or "Playing for Self Esteem (Video Games)/Idealized Fantasy Bodies in Video Games"
5:30-7:30, possibly 9pm - Huge Break for Dinner. Is the Tiptree Auction fun? Is that why there's no other programming offered? Not sure what I'll do during this time. Maybe meet up with Antoine here instead of lunch.
9:00-10:15pm - Lightning Write
10:30-11:45pm - Undecided. Probably "Privilege of the Sword, Denied"
Midnight-1:15am - Depending on how tired I am, possibly "There Be Dragons!"

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