wMay 21, 2007


I feel like I shouldn't write without recapping the last day or two here....I don't even know what to write about the party yesterday, though. It was awesome. I have awesome friends, and a lot of them were here, gathered in the same place, and it was so good to see them all. This short paragraph doesn't do it justice, but I think we're all aware of how much I suck at explaining how much people mean to me, and can only explain emotion when it's related to books, movies, TV shows, anime, what have you (Speaking of which, the death in episode 16 of Heroes? OMG!).

Today was kind of like summer. I sat around all day and worked on my paper, but I also watched the first disc of the new Jane Eyre, started to try and catch up on Heroes (there's going to be a panel on it at WisCon, and I want to go, but don't want to be spoiled!), started a new book, and cooked food tonight for my lunch tomorrow. I talked with Kristen about WisCon excitement, and we determined that OMF, GEORGE R.R. MARTIN WILL BE THERE! Holy crap! I am so freaking excited for WisCon. And summer! And everything!

I'm glad I have WisCon to keep my excited during the transition, at least. Paul is already gone, and Chad is working on moving out; Steph and Gordon have left, and now I'll be working 8-5 five days a week (I still haven't quite worked out what's going on on Mondays and Fridays in terms of specific hours).

So, my final paper is finally handed and in and I feel like I should run around the house squealing, but instead I'm going to sleep so I can wake up and work from 8:00 'til 5:00. BUT, during my lunch break I am totally going to the library, and afterward, Antoine and I are totally hanging out and catching up on the anime series Lovely Complex.


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scribbled mystickeeper at 10:42 PM

Congrats on being done, Jackie! I'm sad I couldn't come to the party, but we will have to get together sometime this summer, vale?

By Blogger Jenny, at 6:04 AM, May 22, 2007  

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