wMay 7, 2007

I think I keep posting so I can confirm I still have conscious thought.

Well. I feel like I accomplished nothing today, even though that isn't true. I did work on my paper, and I also figured out what the hell is going on with my birthday (for those already invited to Chad's Graduation Party, and for some who weren't, it's being tacked on to that; check Facebook), so I guess that my life is a bit more organized.

Today was a sad day, all around. Starting it off with a movie (made for TV mini-series?) on Anne Frank is probably what started it down that road. We are watching the version titled "Anne Frank: The Whole Story." Netflix link with preview is here; IMDB profile is here. Not only does this version have the most excellent actors (who resemble their real life counterparts) of any dramatization (I think we've seen 4-5 movies in this class), but it also by far does the best job of getting the story right. The version from the 1950s makes Anne this ever-bubbly personality, and her personality has so many more facets than that. This version shows her as the intelligent girl she was, and also the profound affect she had on the people in her life. Also, I think just about every piece of dialog is based on either her diary or testaments from survivors. Additionally, this version shows what happened to everyone once they went to the concentration camps. Even if you can't bear to watch the concentration camp stuff (which is very well-done and heart-wrenching), I recommend watching the rest of the film. Everyone should see this.

I thought Schindler's List was emotionally draining, but I've spent an entire semester learning everything there is to know about these people and the context in which they lived - their culture, their biographical information, their feelings - especially Anne's. So of course I cried when I watched it today, and I can't imagine what will happen on Wednesday, when I see the very end.

What else was sad about today? It was my last night copy editing at The Daily Cardinal with Jack and Mary, who I've copy edited with since I started copy editing, I think. They're graduating next week, so I'll never sit with them nor Caitlin at the copy desk again. :/

I know that as we grow older, things have to change - clearly everyone learns that after graduating from high school. But seeing friends less often is always sad.

I hope that tomorrow is not also sad.

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