wMay 18, 2007

I can almost taste summer.

Life is so weird sometimes. I've decided to take the extra time given to me by my sci-fi professor and hand it in by Tuesday at 9am. My other finals just made it impossible to write this thing well by Friday, although I do have a pretty good idea what I'm going to say.

It's finally hitting me that I have time. My room is now free of clutter. I'll be actually cleaning it and moving my bookshelves to create a reading corner for myself before my birthday/Chad's graduation party on Sunday. I will have time to read books for pleasure, to catch up on Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Lovely Complex, Romeo x Juliet, Darker than Black, and everything else and its mom. I will finally have time to watch the Battlestar Galactica season finale! Yes, I still haven't done that yet.

Yesterday I worked, and after that I bought groceries with Chad. Then, we watched The Office season finale with Steph and Gordon, which, let me say, was AMAZING. RYAN FTW. PAM. JIM. It was the perfect season finale! As my friend Dave said, we thought there was going to be a huge cliffhanger, but there wasn't! I don't know how they manage to make the show so fresh and good every week, but they do. Best show airing on TV right now.

Antoine's parents are here for an extended weekend, for Antoine's graduation ceremony (he's already been working at Epic for a month and a half, but is receiving his master's degree). We met them and got ice cream at Memorial Union, and then sat outside on the Terrace, and then inside the Rathskellar.

Somehow, still, I feel whiny, weird, and sad. I'm hoping it will pass once I finish this paper, start my internship, and am done with school. Looking back, this seems to have every time a birthday rolls around. Maybe because I feel like I have nothing to show for a year's worth of living, that I have done nothing worthy of note. Life is weird sometimes.

The Programming Schedule for WisCon 31 has been released. I have a list of some things I intend to go to....I'll post in more detail later.

And lastly, my fear of walking on sidewalk grilles is not unfounded after all!

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