wMay 11, 2007

The first of many incoherent "Finals!" entries

Bah. Two of my professors have pushed due dates back, and while I hadn't wanted to take advantage of that, I'm going to end up doing it anyway. Ugghhh, I just want this crap to all be done.

Every semester during finals week, all I can think about is why I am so excited for school to be over with. So, I will write these things down so that I will not think about them so much.

* I am excited for my birthday (the 19th!) the day after my last final. Not only will I get presents (Mom mentioned possibly getting me an iPod, holy crap!!), but I will also be 21. I can go to bars! I can go to bars with Antoine and his friends (all of whom are 24+, I think)! I can go to bars with my friends! I could go and sit in a bar! I'm not huge on the party scene, but for some reason, I like sitting at bars. It probably stems from me spending 15 summers going Up North with my parents, aunt, and uncle and reading at the bar while they gossiped.

* I will work more! I am such a geek, but I love my job. Also, the state senators are getting deeper into the budget, which means that they fight more. Which is more badass. I have a mental list of which senators are badass and which are not.

* I will (hopefully!) be doing an internship with a badass book publishing company in town. I have an interview tomorrow afternoon!

* OMG, MAY 24ISH-27 IS WISCON! Gretchen and Kristen are going! And so are cool people whose LiveJournals I read!

* I can plow through at least some of the stack of books I have by Kelly Link and Laurie J. Marks, both of whom are the guests of honor at WisCon.


* I will have a clean room. All the time.

* I will have time to learn how to cook new things.

* I will have time catch up on the new anime series I want to continue: Romeo x Juliet, Lovely Complex, Kiss Dum: Engage Planet, Darker than Black, and Seirei no Moribito. (WTF, I used to hate watching series as they came out)

* I will have time to watch other anime! For no reason!

* I can listen to music again. I'm not good at writing papers while listening to music.

* I can write things on the Internet that will be very long, like: Who my heroes are and why, How Shakeseare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is present in Final Fantasy IX, What DID happen at the Wisconsin Book Festival last OCTOBER (I know; I suck) and why was it so awesome?!, and what were my classes like this past semester?

* I will have time to walk around campus and the Capitol, taking pictures of things so that I can show the world why I love it here.

* I will have the campus libraries TO MYSELF, *CACKLE* I am going to check out so many books. I will also pillage the Madison public library's manga section.

* I can finally read the Senate Page handbook and see if there really are Secret Things about my job that I don't know yet.

* I can sell/put up on BookMooch all the books from this semester that I don't want to keep....AND HAVE MORE SPACE ON MY BOOKSHELVES.

* I'll have time to buy another booksehlf(ves).

BONUS SECTION: A Conversation with my sister which took place this evening:
"Hey. Are you upset that Mom isn't coming down for your birthday party and Chad's graduation party?"
"Kevin thought you were. Are you sure?"
"Yeah. I just thought it was weird that she thought it would be awkward that she would be there because I'm turning 21....I'm not going to get wasted - Chad's parents and other adults will be there too."
"Ohhhhhhh. Right. So did you say that Antoine's parents are coming to visit that weekend, too?"
"Because he's graduating?"
"Oh. Well, all right then."

Current Music: The fan, which only brings in cool air at night. Luckily, I'm gone all day!

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