wApr 16, 2007

Like a rat I want to be beautiful

I feel like today was a bad day, even separate from the horrific school shooting at Virgina Tech. Why do people suck?

I feel like I will only feel better if I can stay in my room for a week, doing nothing but reading, sitting online, and watching things I get from Netflix and DVDs on my shelf. Today's Shakespeare exam went horribly (for real), and the day was crappy even despite my SciFi/Fantasy class being held outside. It is really nice outside - mid-50s and 60s, which is my favorite. I like it when it's nice enough to go around without a coat, even if you might need a sweatshirt. If it's hot enough to be uncomfortable, I am no longer satisfied. You know, because you all need to know what my favorite weather is.

I wish I could have at least finished cleaning my room today. Or written the intercessions.

Speaking of Netflix. Samurai Jack is the shit. Highly recommended, and I've only watched half of the first season!

"Linda, Linda, Linda" was the only movie I ended up being able to see this weekend that was part of the Wisconsin Film Festival. It was a really great movie. The movie was filmed in Japan, and centers on a Korean exchange student, and how she is commissioned to join a band with three of her peers for the high school's cultural festival. The movie's focus is on friendship, and it is at times hilarious, poignant, and sad. Always it is excellent. This movie is being released on DVD in the U.S., so I recommend you check it out, if possible.

Current Music: Linda, Linda, Linda

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