wApr 24, 2007

I feel embarassingly angsty tonight. Perhaps I should write a story!

Hopefully my computer will allow to me complete a blog post! Somehow this afternoon, I contracted a very irritating virus. I've been running Spy-Bot and what-not, and hopefully it will be better tomorrow. It makes computer programs run and load at heinously low speeds, which is unfortunate.

Today has been irritating in almost more ways than I can count. I wish I could vent online about people without anyone else I know ever reading it. Well, I guess sometimes I do that under-lock at my LiveJournal. Still, though. It'd be cool if you all could read it and just not know who I was talking about - if it was someone from a class, from work, a friend, whatever. But you could still enjoy the premise and the story. And, most importantly, my righteous frustration.
Really, though, I feel sick of everything, and most of all sick of not knowing what I want to do with myself.

There is discussion going on in a LiveJournal I read (OMG best manga/anime posts ever) about the role reversal of Romeo and Juliet in the anime Romeo x Juliet. You can find the thread here. I had picked up on some of it myself, but not all. Yay for the power of collaborative nerd glee. The more I think about Romeo x Juliet, the more I like what it's trying to do with Shakespeare's story. Judging by the end of the latest episode, things are only going to get more badass from here.

Somehow, it is both too hot and too cold in my room.

Why is it that when I look at my actual calves on my body, they look chunky, but when I look at them in a mirror, they look slightly toned and lean?
(Self-Provided Answer, 30 minutes after the fact: Because when I look at my actual calves on my body, I'm sitting pretzel-legged and stuff looks different from that angle)

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