wMar 19, 2007

Link Spam

Part of what sucks about not blogging as often as I'd like is never posting all of the links I come across in a day of Internet-browsing that I think are interesting enough to put into a blog entry. So, today you will actually get to see them!

This evening, I went to a History lecture given by Chad's Roman History professor on "the real 300." I haven't seen the film based on the Frank Miller comic yet, but I plan to. Here's a Newsweek review, where you can also watch a preview. Speaking of Frank Miller....I'm almost done with the first volume of the Sin City comic, rented from the campus library. I really feel like his stuff works better as movies than as graphic novels. The bridge between comics and movies/TV series is weird like that. Some art styles and stories simply work better as comics, and some work better as anime series. Weird.

The next Studio Ghibli films have been announced. They both appear to be original series. Does anybody know when the Ghibli version of 'Tales of Earthsea' is going to be released in the U.S.?

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson is throwing his hat into the 2008 presidential race. The only thing I can think of when I think of Tommy Thompson is every time I ever rode past the Wisconsin state Capitol in the car with my dad because he would say, "You see that building? The governor works there. I know the governor! He used to come into my uncle's drugstore when I worked there. He knew my name."
So. If nothing else, my dad will be pleased.

And lastly, this is very random, but today's Wikipedia featured article is....Final Fantasy VII. :D

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