wMar 5, 2007

Just how long have I been holding on to / Lies and sighs to the point of falling apart?

I got enough sleep last night, but I have felt physically exhausted all day long.

I went shopping at the store with Chad and somehow forgot my wallet at home, although I did remember a shopping list.

I fell asleep this afternoon instead of studying for tomorrow's Victorian Novel "not-midterm." Our professor assures us that each class session counts for the same amount of points. But. It is a 45-minute in-class essay that I should have prepared for and didn't. Unless I can manage it tomorrow morning when at work.

Also due to falling asleep, I didn't get any laundry washed....and I really needed to.

I never feel like eating lately because everything tastes horrible.

Also, it seems like I feel physically ill after every time I eat, which hasn't been a consistent physical trait since senior year of high school.

I still haven't gone to church.

My mom commented when I went home that I look like I've gained some weight. I know she didn't say it to be mean, and I don't even know if it's true or not - I didn't weigh myself. It's not like I consistently eat things that are unhealthy for me. Why isn't that enough?

I don't particularly dislike my classes at all - in fact, I rather enjoy them and am thus far getting excellent grades this semester. But for some reason, the prospect of making it through the week makes me want to cry.

Then again, lots of things make me want to cry right now, and no, it's not "my time of month."

Also! This is probably the lamest part, but anyone who watched BSG yesterday knows what's up. And listening to the podcast for "Maelstrom" has pretty much made me hate Ron Moore. Even if the plot line will turn out to make it work, his utter lack of any good words for Katee Sackhoff's phenomenal performance was pretty dickish. Even setting aside the "holy shit!" factor, last night's episode was awesome - in terms of acting, editing, special effects, all of it - Battlestar Galactica can be such a good show when it wants to be. And I hold Ron Moore personally responsible for the weeks when it isn't - the weeks when the writing and storytelling get lazy. At this point, there are probably about 10 episodes in the whole series that are superfluous and don't add much. As there are only about 50 total, that's not the greatest record ever. It seems like a lot of TV shows are hit-or-miss like that - Grey's Anatomy is one. For me, it seems like the only TV shows I've ever found that are "just that awesome" consistently every single week are "The West Wing" and "The Office."

I always find it kind of disgusting that I can write paragraphs about television, anime, and etc, yet can never articulate my feelings.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 10:52 PM

Now, when I saw you last week, I thought you looked like you'd lost weight, but I guess I didn't weigh you either.

Hey! If Gordon doesn't have to work on Friday, you and Antoine should come over and we'll make some delicious food that won't taste horrible.

I wonder if maybe you're not feeling the effects of stress. Bearing in mind that all things factor in - amount of work you have to put into life, too long of a non-essential to-do list, emotional interactions, and amount of time in a day you spend thinking or worrying, actual success notwithstanding. For example, I'm happy, I feel good about my life, and I'm getting things done, but I have a to-do list 3 miles long and I'm still incredibly stressed right now, as seen by my inability to sleep, restlessness, and constant exhaustion.

What I think we need is sunshine and to knock a bunch of crap out of our schedules.

By Blogger Steph, at 12:24 PM, March 06, 2007  

Gordon works Friday, 1:30 - 9:30 and Sunday, 1 - 7:45, but maybe we could make lunch on Saturday or dinner before club, if you're going.

By Blogger Steph, at 12:47 PM, March 06, 2007  

Saturday sounds good.

By Blogger Antoine, at 12:16 AM, March 07, 2007  

I'd prefer lunch to dinner, so we're not crunched for time before Anime Club.

By Blogger Jackie, at 12:50 AM, March 07, 2007  

PS: Steph, what happened to your blog??

By Blogger Jackie, at 12:50 AM, March 07, 2007  

I didn't know anything happened to it until you told me =(

Fortunately my blog is fine on blogger, it's the hosting that's being an asshole.

By Blogger Steph, at 12:53 PM, March 07, 2007  

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