wMar 17, 2007

But I am le tired....

I do apologize for not blogging more often. I would like to write more often, too. Still, I feel like I have my life way more under control now that I have a job in addition to a social life and being a college student. I have enough to keep my busy all day long, which apparently is good for me. I still feel a little uncomfortable because I don't know what I want to do with myself once I graduate from college, but my immediate life is peaceful, if nothing else.

The reason I don't blog all that often is because the time that I actually do have to myself, I'm not even productive. I curl up on my bed and more often than not just stare vacantly and let me mind wander all over the place. It's like during the week, I'm hell-bent on school, work, and the Cardinal and there's not much time for anything else. And then on the weekend, to make up for it, I spend all of my time with friends, and mostly with Antoine. I don't regret this arrangement, but it does leave me breathless sometimes. It also leaves my room very messy.

Kristy was here visiting Chad Sunday through Wednesday, and Heather came to visit me on Wednesday. It wasn't too long of a trip, because I worked until 5pm Wednesday and had to work at 8am Thursday, but we had a nice dinner with Antoine, and then hung out. It was nice to see Heather - I hadn't seen her since Thanksgiving, so we had things to talk about. Spending time with old friends is nice, especially if they've been your friend since the age of 6.

Tonight was a good night, although I spent lots of money. Grocery shopping, cashing in my rain check at Target for the Firefly DVD set that was on sale last week, and then using a coupon at Border's. Antoine and I made dinner together, and then we took Chad and Louise to Border's for a while. I came home with many more additions to my BookMooch wishlist. Then, Antoine and I got Chad to watch the pilot of Firefly. He seemed to like it well enough. But seriously, who doesn't like Firefly?

Anyway, that's about it. Life is good, and in general, I felt much better this week than I did last week. I'm not sure why, but I'll take it.

Disney is returning to traditional 2-D animation, and is also having its first-ever black princess. It's about damn time on both counts, I'd say.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 1:57 AM

...well take a nap, then fire the missiles!

I was wondering about the blog hiatus. I check it every time I use the internet (along with my emails, Gordon's blog, and often Facebook), so it always seems longer between posts than it is.

I'm very excited for this new Disney movie. Perhaps if the timing is right, Gordon and I will see it on our honeymoon (WTF!). We've now encroached into movie proximity! In the grand scheme of time, pretty soon it will be tech school degree proximity, 50 lbs of healthy weight loss proximity, human gestation proximity, chic hotel reservation proximity, continental U.S. package delivery proximity, restaurant reservation proximity, and finally instant Jello proximity!

By Blogger Steph, at 2:18 AM, March 17, 2007  

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