wMar 26, 2007


So, it's hot outside again. Not really - more like 70ish, but it's hot upstairs here in my room. So last night I put on shorts to sleep in and opened two of my windows. Then, at 6:00 am, the sound of a bird! Cheeeeeeeeeer, Cheeeeeeer, whit-whit-whit-whit.......Cheeeeeeeeeer, Cheeeeeeer, whit-whit-whit-whit ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Why are birds so loud? How are my windows that good at deflecting sound waves when closed? I don't know, but eventually those windows had to be closed. Bastards. When I stick the window fan into the window and leave it on all night, it had better cover up the sound of birds, or I might have to requisition my father's blow gun.

Antoine is a man of many talents (well duh, why else would I be dating him?), and one of those talents is editing my papers. He has no qualms about crying bullshit, and believe me, there is a lot of it. But he is so cute about doing it! For example, here is an aside he wrote while editing my paper for my Victorian Novel class: While reading the preceding sentence I felt as if you had crossed the limit of how often the words "passion" and "rational" may occur in a passage. MAYBE I NEED A THESUARUS, KTHX.

I just found my high school on Wikipedia, and the sections there are hilarious. My personal favorite is the stuff about Bunkelman. Man, I almost kind of miss it....for about 10 seconds. It's kind of sad that they finally cracked down on students playing flash games during computer time, though. I know that I used to blog from school, bwaha. In fact, if I ever put the archives for this blog back on the sidebar, you can read it yourself!


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