wFeb 6, 2007

A Post, full of harrowing tales.

Tales of Woe
It's been fricking cold the last couple of days, although I think that this is the case through the U.S. and Canada. It's been below 0 the last couple of days, and is minus three right now. I'm also pretty sure we're in the midst of a snow shower. Antoine even refused my offer to take him along my and Chad's grocery shopping trip Sunday. You know it's cold when he refuses a free ride to go food-hunting.
I intend to stay inside for the rest of the night. I've recently taken to wearing long underwear that used to only be used at Packer games. Also, I just pile on layers of shirts, not caring if they match or not. Once in class, I shed as needed. I think it's a good system, :D
The coldness makes me eat lots of carbs, though, which I think might lead to problems. I need to do more sit-ups.

When at the post office above the University Bookstore, I accidentally left my mittens in the small cubby-locker that patrons are asked to use when entering the bookstore. When I returned (after making it to the bus stop, and being very eager to put them on, and then having to curse and walk back), I had to walk up to the third floor, where the Lost & Found is located. Except that the "second floor" has 2A and 2B, so it was really the fourth-and-a-half floor. Of course, the mittens were not there. I staked out the locker, and when a boy came to retrieve his backpack from it, I ambushed him and procured my mittens.

After that, I caught the bus and randomly ended up on the same one as Louise. As it's been below 0 F all day, I decide to make soup for lunch. Somehow when I picked up the pot to pour the soup into my bowl, the package of crackers fell over and landed on the burner, leaving melted plastic behind. Chad later helped me get it off. Still, I ate some crackers before realizing there were invisible traces of melted plastic on them (I could taste it) and have felt slightly sick ever since.

On Friday afternoon, after watching "Julius Caesar" with Gretchen, I put the DVD back into the Netflix envelope and put it into the mailbox. Our mail was never picked up on Saturday. Today, Chad brought the mail into the house, and my Netflix envelope was still there - except now, it was torn in half - front and back. It's happened before that the mail carrier hasn't taken the outgoing Netflix envelope, so I made sure to have the outgoing address facing the mail carrier. If the mail carrier accidentally ripped the envelope while taking it out, one would think that he/she would take it back to the post office with them, tape it up, and send out as normal. This was not the case! I called the post office and complained. The person who answered the phone was very nice and understanding, and also a Netflix user.

Tales of Glee
So, the results of my "Who's your favorite Disney heroine?" (Sorry, I forgot to post a link so you guys could vote) Ariel (WTF), with Belle in second. Cinderella was last and Mulan was 4th, which I guess meant Jasmine was 3rd. I need a new question by Thursday. Hmmm. I feel that this time, I should represent my badassery. No more Disney. I'm the only female almanac editor this semester, and I wouldn't want to misrepresent my gender.
There was some conversation of Belle in the LJ last time, though, so I thought I'd point out this Facebook group found by Steph: "I'd Marry the Beast if I Could Have a Library Like That". I am now a member. :D

If you're in the mood to watch something mindless, go here. A dog dances to a song from Grease. Yes. The dog dances.

I've found the best website ever. It is BookMooch. Basically, it's like selling books at or, except that you don't actually sell the books. The books are all free. You "earn" points by 1) giving one to a fellow "moocher" or 2) entering books into your "inventory" of books to give to moochers. Enter 10 books earns you 1 point. Most books "cost" 1 point, unless the giver lives in a different country. The only cost is shipping you pay when you send your book out to a moocher. So, someone has already requested a book from my list. I go to the post office, ship it, and pay for the shipping myself. But, when I mooch a book from someone else, they pay for the shipping and I just get squeeful. I think that giving you links will make the process more self-explanatory.
If you would like to mooch books from me, my inventory is here.
Also, my wish list is here.
Lastly, here is my pending page, where you can see what I'm shipping out, and what I'm waiting for.
I think that moochers receive an email when a giver adds a book to their inventory that is on their wish list. Still, I am also able to look at the books I have in my inventory, see who has them on their wish lists, and contact them to let them know that I have a book they want.
I'll probably have to use it for a few weeks to see how well it works. Right now, it doesn't seem like there's very much manga on the site, but it's not like I don't read other things. This site seems like it'll be great for me - I can get rid of books I no longer want (lots!), and instead of getting minimal money for them at a used bookstore or the internets (Internets are okay for selling textbooks. Fiction? Noes, or at least, not when competing with, I get books that I want that are sometimes kinda pricey. WIN.

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