wFeb 17, 2007


I started this post last night, but then left and never came back! Luckily, I'm in a much better mood now.

Earlier (Wednesday night - Friday), I was in a really horrible mood, but not very sure why.

My job is still awesome; everyone who works there assures me that it wears off after a while, but I don't think it will. I could walk around inside the Capitol forever, looking at the paintings and architecture. I love getting there early in the morning, and the marble floor is pristine and waiting.

My car has had a small chip in the windshield for a number of months. Maybe even a year, I don't remember. My parents told me not to worry about it, so I didn't. However, on Thursday night, a crack developed and has spread across nearly the entire span of the windshield, which is sad. Luckily, I found a place in Madison to take it to and get it replaced. Paul's going to go with me so that I can drop the car off and not sit in the shop for 2 hours. So, everyone know that Paul is an awesome housemate/friend!

Antoine and I went out for Lao-Thai at Vientiane Palace last night. Man, I'd forgotten how *delicious* that place was. We both ate until we were stuffed, and holy crap. I still have enough leftovers that was equivalent to what I ate at the restaurant. We think that next time, we'll definitely split an entree, which makes for a pretty cheap, excellent meal! So, people in Madison, you should go eat there! And make sure you get some of their Thai Ice Tea - it's delicious!

I had sort of felt like I was getting sick Thursday and yesterday, but today it seems a little bit better. We'll see. For now I'll just try to cuddle under blankets and drink lots of fluids and hope it (mostly a very sore throat) goes away.

Anyway, today is looking up. The car windshield will get taken care of, my room is slowly becoming clean, I'll do laundry, and I'll read a lot for homework. Also, Netflix came today, so I can finally watch the 4th DVD of Princess Tutu! Wow, waking up early on a Saturday and having time to do things feels wonderful. Tomorrow, my goal is to wake up and actually go to church. So, whatever that bad mood was, it's gone!

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