wDec 15, 2006


My mind is all over the place, and it is clear to me that I'm not going to get any work done for at least the next 20 minutes anyway, so....I will blog.

Last night, Antoine and I had dinner at Noodles, which was nice. After that, the hour-long Christmas special of The Office was on TV (it was so good!). Unfortunately, after I came upstairs to my room for the rest of the night, my stomach made me feel like crap all night long. I even tried to stop working on studying and instead read books, but it didn't matter. When I woke up this morning, it was still kind of there. :/ I hope it isn't stress, because then I'll have to deal with it for a few days.

So, I sort of felt like I had a handle on my finals, but then our Shakespeare professor announced that the big essay (not the IDs, thank God) on our final will be cumulative. He mentioned this for the first time today, our last day of class. And the final is at 7:45 am Monday. :( I'm hoping that I will have a very productive Saturday and Sunday, because in addition to the Shakespeare final being Monday, Weather & Climate is, too!
Hopefully, though, after that things will be better. My Elections & Voting Behavior final is due Wednesday, but it's a take-home final, which I'm better at. I'm kind of upset with that class, because I only know what 25% of my grade is right now! Not knowing how well I'm doing is pretty upsetting for me. My American Lit final is my last final, which will be Friday the 22nd, but I know what's going to be on that one, so I'm not too concerned.

Normally I would be planning on spending a lot of evenings at Memorial Library studying, but I don't think that will be the case this semester, due to the sexual assaults taking place on campus. I may spend mornings/afternoons there, but not nights. I intend to spend a lot of time at Borders, :) I have a Weather & Climate review session tonight from 6-8pm on campus, and I'm making Chad come and get me in my car.

Anyway. Finals Fear is kicking in, so maybe I can actually get some things done before I have to leave for my review session!

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scribbled mystickeeper at 3:54 PM

Ah, blogging... the best way to waste time instead of studying and writing papers...

By Blogger ink, at 3:57 PM, December 15, 2006  

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