wDec 12, 2006

hopefully i can actually fall asleep tonight

Last night sucked. After blogging, I couldn't fall asleep again until like, 5:00. Today is over now, though, and I feel much better. I don't know how well my paper went, since I just handed it in, but I know that my political science exam went well.

Tonight was my last copy editing shift of the year at The Daily Cardinal. It's always a strange mood for me. My role at the paper is almost insignificant. I'm not an editor, nor even a writer. The people who know my name are actually a pretty small fraction of the paper as a whole. I feel sad when the tenures of editors end, just because things won't be the same any more. But as time has gone on, we've grown our own little family at the copy desk. Usually, every shift gets juggled with new people every semester, but somehow Jack, Mary, Louise, and I have managed to copy edit on the same night for four semesters straight, about to embark on our fifth. I think that one of the things I hate most about life is being forced to be separated from the friends you've made just because you reach a new stage in life. It isn't fair.

Finals this year are going to be different, at least for me. There have been a few very scary cases of sexual assault on campus lately. A woman on the east side of town had her house broken into, and was raped in her own home. A couple of weeks ago, a girl was walking on campus street that's by the lakeshore dorms (where things are calm!) at 8:00pm on a Wednesday night, and was forced into a car inside of which she was raped. The man dropped her back off on campus lately. And now, it happened again on Saturday night - a girl was picked up around 11pm, forced into a car, raped, and dropped back off on campus. In all 3 cases, the physical description of the assailant was the same.
Needless to say, this is scary! Usually, things like this happen at times like 3am, to girls who are walking home drunk by themselves, but honestly, 8pm on a Wednesday?! That's absurd. I'm not walking by myself anywhere on campus. It just really sucks, because not everybody has that option. I have friends who work at the library outside of which the 8pm Wednesday Girl got abducted. They have to work until 1am, and then lock the library and get home - what are they supposed to do, not work? It's ridiculous. I usually try to make myself feel better if I have to walk alone by telling myself that I'm carrying pepper spray (I always do), but seriously, as much as I'd like to hope that I could kick a rapist's ass, there are so many situations that I would be unprepared for, and useless in. Why do people have to be such assholes, and make the world a frightening place for the rest of us? Crock of shit.
"All" that I have left now are 4 finals, all of which will be next week. When I got home after copy editing tonight, I did nothing but watch a lot of episodes of the anime NANA. I'm almost caught up to the amount that have been released so far, which is sad, but also good because I've almost watched so many in a row that I'm starting to feel sick of it!

Anyway, I should probably catch up on the sleep that I lost last night. It's already late for a Monday night! ;_;

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sleep well!

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