wDec 14, 2006


I feel pretty relaxed tonight, which is sort of bittersweet because I know that starting tomorrow, that feeling will be gone until after my last final, on the 22nd. For I will be studying valiantly!

Tonight I watched the film version of "Twelfth Night," which I enjoyed very much. I liked Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley very much. I think that this was probably my favorite Shakespeare comedy, at least that we read this semester. Often, the happy Shakespearean romances leave me feeling a little squicky, or a little WTF. Like, I liked Much Ado About Nothing because I liked Beatrick and Benedick, but Hero and ____? *Shudder* In "Twelfth Night," I sympathized with both Viola and Olivia, so that was good. Also, normally, reading songs inserted into literature bores me a lot. Maybe I just learned to glaze over them from reading too many Redwall novels, I don't know. But listening to Ben Kingsley play his guitar thing and sing? Love. I need to find the soundtrack somehow!

Yesterday I got to see Gretchen for the first time since midsummer, which was nice (she'd been studying in Ireland this semester). We went out for dinner with Kristen and Louise, and then for ice cream. I like friends, :) Gretchen and I also discovered that we unwittingly signed up for the same Shakespeare class next semester! So not only do I get another semester with the delightful professor I have....nor not only am I going to be studying TEH ANGST of Hamlet/Macbeth/Lear/Caesar/etc.....but I'll be doing it sitting next to Gretchen! YES.

After that, Antoine came over here for a while. He liked the first two episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena!! (Although I should be fair and include that the word 'weird' was used to describe it....but what else do you expect from a postmodern fairy tale anime?!) He also wants to watch more of it. I WIN, :D

I'm so glad that tomorrow is the last Thursday of classes - I've spent the last two semesters dreading Tuesdays/Thursdays because of having 3 power lectures in a row. No more!

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