wDec 20, 2006


WHY IS IT SO HARD TO BE PRODUCTIVE? Do I have a take-home final due tomorrow at 5:00 that I can't bring myself to work on let alone start ? Maybe. I know, I'm so bad. ;_;

What happened the last few nights? On Friday night we watched "Leon the Professional" and it was good. Saturday night, Antoine and I watched some Revolutionary Girl Utena. Sunday, I spent all day on campus. Monday I had two finals and in the evening we all went and got gelato and it was delicious! And then I died at Antoine's place. And then I spent all of today being unable to work on my final at all. Sunday and Monday really burnt me out. My goal after this post is done is to get 1/3 of this final done, and then I'll do the rest tomorrow.

And the rest of this post was written....Monday, I think. I can't remember any more.

Every time I use a computer that is not my own laptop, I realize that the image resolution on my laptop sucks. :(

Speaking of using computers that aren't my own....I spent Sunday on campus from about 1:00 until 10:00. I had a meeting at 2, and mass at 9, but other than that, I was in Memorial Library. All day. I guess I hadn't been too stressed out about things because living in a house has made finals seem less imminent or something....but being in the Library was ridiculous. First of all, it (actually, they - our campus has many libraries) is suddenly infested with people who are unaware of proper library etiquette. No, you cannot play music on your laptop in the middle of a row of silent studiers! No, you cannot have 10-minute loud-whisper conversations every hour, on the hour. No, you do not make exclamations such as, "Holy shit!" or "Dude!" when you realize how much studying you have to do, or when you finally solve a problem you've been working on for 3 hours. Nobody cares. And everybody wants you to die.

There is a sense of solidarity among us, though. By this, I refer to the graffiti often left on the walls next to, and inside of, study cubicles, or cages (OMG my friend Jack told me that a man was murdered in one of the cages in Memorial Library back when they used to keep axes around....I COULD BE STUDYING WHERE A MAN DIED FROM AN AX WOUND.). People write things like, "I want your mom." Someone will reply, "I already did yours." Sometimes, people liken our shared experience to prison. They will write their initials and the year. "BG, 2001." "MF, 2006 4 YEARS, AND I'M FINALLY FREE!" I guess they want people to remember that others have gone before them. Or maybe just that others are free, while the rest of us are still here, suffering. My favorite is when people taint the meanings of advisory signs. "Ho Guard your valuables." I won't provide any more examples because, 9.9 times out of 10, these messages take on a sudden perverse meaning. Oh, college.

Yesterday morning at 7:45 am, I took my Shakespeare final. It was an ungodly hour, true, but I was so tired that I wasn't nervous at all. That was pretty neat. After I had left the building in which I had the final, and was heading toward College Library, I was struck that something felt very, very wrong. I considered, thoughtfully, and then realized that I had just enjoyed taking a 2-hour Shakespeare final. That's right! I liked it! So hopefully, if nothing else, I will never doubt my decision to be an English major, :)
The Weather & Climate final? ....Not so much.

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