wNov 10, 2006


The weather is crazy right now. It's already nearly dark outside. It rained early today. Then, right after I was done meeting with my American Lit TA about my paper (right after Shakespeare class), I walked up Bascom Hill. Luckily, the sleet started to freeze the ground (which, according to my Weather & Climate class, then makes it "freezing rain" and no longer "sleet") AFTER I was finished walked up the hill. I toddled down to the intersection of Charter and Observatory just in time to catch the 80. After I got off the bus, I had to walk with my arms fully extended on both sides to keep my balance. Luckily, I did not fall! A woman cautiously crossing Highland alongside me commented, "This is treacherous!" I agreed, trying to make it across before the waiting cars got a green light. Between there and home, I walked on people's lawns instead of the sidewalk. You don't slip on grass!

Now I've been home for a while. I had been giving serious thought to taking my homework somewhere warm like Borders or Memorial Library to get some serious work done, but I think I'll stay here where it's warm.
For the last hour or so, it had been thundering, flashing lightning, and snowing. :O

Sorry I haven't blogged the last few days. I've been busting my ass trying to get school work done, as well as staying on top of my NanoWrimo story (I fell asleep last night at like, 11:30pm - WTF!), and it's all I can do to chug forward while maintaining a social life to retain my sanity.

Our electricity just faltered! The snow is really coming down now! Maybe I'll take some pictures for you guys. All right, I will now be productive!

Current Music: Final Fantasy VI - Opera House Performance (full orchestral version)
CONDITION: ONE (Ryan demanded that I alert you of my school situation. I will have to be very productive in the next few days! No excuses!)

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i'm soooooo proud of you1

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