wNov 5, 2006

it's easy if you try

Wahhhh....I have lots of homework-related things to worry about. Unfortunately, the exam I have on Tuesday is in Weather and Climate, which is the class that's most difficult for me to get motivated about.

This weekend has been nice. On Friday night, I went out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant, which was very delicious. We stopped at Half-Price Books after that. I found an awesome comic-version of Les Miserables (obviously abridged....they cut out Eponine, my favorite character! Alas!), as well as....SEASON 2 OF DAWSON'S CREEK FOR $15. It was cheap because the box had some water damage (but the discs were okay). I'm so excited. I need to wait until at least after this test is done, though.

On Saturday, I tried to be productive and sort of was....then I went to Anime Club, but only watched Victorian Romance Emma. I did homework for two hours in the back of the Alt.Room (a separate classroom/lecture hall that we take over so people not watching the anime have a place to go - this week we played DDR) before leaving at 9:00. I don't have fun at Anime Club any more. I don't know why.

Antoine had a friend visiting from Minneapolis, and she and a few of our other friends and I tried to go see "Borat." Alas, it was sold out. Instead, we went to hang out at Antoine's, which was a ton of fun. I still left pretty early, though because I literally fell asleep in my chair. I got home at about 12:30 and thought that I could at least get some writing done (I'm only caught up in my story through like, Thursday, ;_;), but I fell asleep on my laptop again (as always). I need to learn that when I think to myself, "I'll just curl up and snuggle here, right next to my laptop, but only for 2 seconds" it means, "I'm falling asleep now, so you should turn the computer off!!" Oh, well.
Expect a post later in the evening with an update to Ghost Hunters. There will definitely be one - I already have 1,000 words I've written but haven't posted yet. And while there's no way in hell I'm going to be able to write the 4,000 words it would take to get caught up to where I'm supposed to be today, I will write at least some more before I go to sleep tonight.

Sundays are always nice for a while, until they start to suck. They're nice because they're quiet. I don't have to go anywhere, except to church (unless I'm too busy, :/). Everyone else in the house is doing homework all day, too. And I'm usually pretty productive. For a while, anyway. Once it hits about 3:00, I'm screwed because I can't focus any more and I still have a lot to get done. Which is where I'm at right now - I spent the last half-hour or so playing Bejeweled, and a while before that just doing nothing on the computer. I guess it's only natural that I can't force my attention span to focus only on school work and writing, but I wish that I could. I'll have to try harder, I think.

As much as school sucks, I'm trying my hardest. It's hard to rank parts of life against others, but I think that this semester at school might be the best I've had thus far in terms of balancing school work, friends, and personal hobbies.. I've even been a lot better about communicating with friends from high school. Having Antoine probably helps, too, :)

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scribbled mystickeeper at 5:08 PM

Oh Jackie, you are funny. I usually don't get anything done before three on sundays. and yesterday was our annual spaghetti dinner for the sorority, we raise over 600 for a womens shelter, it was pretty sweet. have fun this week =)

By Blogger heather, at 9:39 AM, November 06, 2006  

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