wNov 3, 2006

I'm getting a certificate in something! Of course, I don't know what yet.

What the hell.
So, for like the last week and a half, I've fallen asleep curled up in my bed before changing into my pajamas, turning off the computer (or even saying good-bye to whomever I was talking to), or finishing the things I wanted to finish that day. It's getting annoying, and it needs to stop. Even with the extra sleep, though, I'm still feeling more sluggish than usual. I think it's the sense of impending doom from these papers and tests that I have coming up in the next two weeks.

Ghost Hunters
At least Ghost Hunters is up to where it's supposed to be. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it for, but we'll just have to wait and see. For the most part, I hate my writing, especially here because I don't have time to go back and change things - just keep plowing ahead. The latest scene was full of teenage high school drama, but I feel like it was random and out of place. Not that there aren't already plenty of scenes like that from last year. I keep tossing adverbs in the middle of my sentences, too, to up my word count. As you know, I detest adverbs with a passion.
I also still feel like the story lacks an overall part. It's like there are all sorts of little vignette scenes. At least the things that happen to my characters have carry-over affects. I hate in novels, TV, and anime, when something happens to a character and the next day it just doesn't affect them any more. That's not realistic. So, I guess I've at least got that going for me. My poor characters - they will be so messed up by the end. *cackles* It would be good to have an overall plot, though. You know, know where I'm going. Or why certain things are happening.

Still, I feel like NanoWrimo is the only thing that works in motivating me to write. I always abhor my writing. I can't write long stories because I'll start something one day, and then when I go back a couple days later to continue it, I start ripping apart what I've already written because I can't stand it. And then I never move forward. By focusing on a word count, I throw everything to the wind and the plot is forced to move forward with me. Or, if not plot, then the characters.

I would really like to some day get to the end of this story, so that I can go back and start at the beginning and tear it apart, and turn it into something good.

Teh Future
Today, I met with my Political Science advisor. The low-down on my credit-situation is that I could graduate Fall 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in both Political Science and English if I wanted to (and could have probably graduated much, much earlier had I known wtf I wanted to do right away! Oh well!). However, I don't want to. I don't know what the hell I'm doing after college, so why leave? Good question!
I hadn't realized it, but I am almost "done" with the Political Science major. To satisfy the requirements, I only need to take one more Political Science course, in addition to getting 3 more credits of physical science. I think I need 6 more courses in English, to be spread out over the next 3 semesters however I deem fit.
So what else should I do with my time? Well, I guess I could take a bitchload of electives if I really wanted to. My advisor had some suggestions for me:
* Get another major, this one in History. This would probably be the most heinous, as I've only got 2 course's worth of credit in history (Thank you, AP US History!), and would need something like 22 more.
* Get a certificate (ie: a minor) in Global Cultures. I've already taken one of the "Foundations" courses, and already fulfill their "fifth semester of a foreign language" requirement. I would need to take 15 more credits through the department. This certificate requires the same Capstone Seminar that the ILS certificate (see below) would require.
* Get a certificate in Integrated Liberal Studies (this sounds the most plausible - they have classes that count for physical science; I took 2 courses through them my freshmen year and loved them) Look at their courses! Don't they sound like fun? So I think I'd need to take 12 more credits through the department - 3 of which being this Capstone Seminar they make you do.

My plan is to do one of the two certificate programs. That way, some of the random courses I took freshman year (ILS 209, ILS 204, Spanish 204, Spanish 226) will count toward something, and I won't be "wasting" my time just filling my schedule with random electives. The programs are kind of the same in principle, except that ILS concentrates on Western Culture, while Global Cultures obviously concentrates on all culture - both Western and not. At this point, I'm sort of leaning towards the Global Cultures certificate because then my Spanish will count toward something. "Global Cultures" also sounds more recognizable and easier to define for an employer than "Integrated Liberal Studies." Which program do you guys think sounds the coolest??

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EDIT: Holy shit, a lot of the Global Cultures courses are cross-listed with History. How hilarious would it be if I triple-majored in Political Science, History, English, AND got a certificate in Global Cultures?! *cackles*

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