wNov 21, 2006

I am drowning in literature

I'm now playing catch-up for how far I've fallen behind due to papers and exams. It's inhuman how much I read today, but I want to try and get as much done as humanly possible before leaving Madison for this blissful extended break.

I'm not sure how blissful it'll be - for the most part, I'm sure it'll be wonderful, but on Friday morning, I'll have to work 4:30am-1:00pm. Saturday is 6:00am-1pm. I usually don't mind working the day after Thanksgiving - it's actually kind of fun. But waking up so early will probably make me crabby, :/ Because, you know, none of my friends nor family have ever seen me crabby, :)
Besides. I need some money. I do find it amusing that by working 15.5 hours, I'll be working more in those two days than I did in the one-week span of nearly every week this summer.
Also! We get free Subway on the day after Thanksgiving, so it's pretty sweet.

Still, I'm really excited to see my family again because it's been a while. Also, I'll be able to see a lot of friends I haven't seen in a long time. Best of all, I get to bring Antoine with me, and he can meet everybody!

And that's basically it. I really spent as much time as humanly possible today reading, although I did purchase a birthday present for my dad, which was good. Now I just have to make it through 3 power lectures tomorrow, :/ Wednesday doesn't count because I love my Shakespeare class so much that it's not even like going to class!

Eventually, now that I actually have time to be rational, I should take a look at the classes that I signed up for last week and figure out what's going on.

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