wNov 6, 2006

can't remember what they said to make me out to be the hero

Two posts in one day! Can I do that? Yes. Yes, I can.

I need to remind myself that I actually was productive today, despite feeling like I wasn't at all. Playing 3 consecutive victory rounds of "Bejeweled" every time I crossed something off of my To-Do List wasn't the best way to keep up the streak, though....mwaha. So, Optimistic Jackie, what did you do today? Basically, I mostly did everything except study for Tuesday's exam. ;_;

I did update Ghost Hunters with what I've written over the weekend, though. Which only puts me at just over 5,000 words - where I should have been on Friday! Oh, well. I'm trying.
The stuff I posted on Friday was yayfun teenage high school angst! In today's post, not much happens. At all. Mostly because I don't know what's going to happen next. I have like, two scenes that'll be pretty huge at some point. And I think I know how I want the story to end...kind of. But none of those things should happen for a while. I should just focus on having fun. My writing this story somehow came up in conversation with Antoine's friend, whereupon I discovered she was also participating in NanoWrimo. She excitedly asked me what I was writing about, and I apologetically (LOOK AT WHAT THIS WORD COUNT BUSINESS IS DOING TO MY BLOGGING - THERE ARE TWO ADVERBS IN THIS SENTENCE! NOT OKAY.) said, "Well, my story's about ghost hunters." Instead of being creeped out or confused, she said, "Oh cool, so it's an adventure story!" Which is totally true. I need to stop freaking out and just trying to figure out a way to explain what's happening and what's going to happen next. Just let it happen, let it be fun, and let the characters get their minds screwed up by the ghosts.

I don't intend to blog about the election in terms of telling everybody how I'm voting in each race, or how I'm voting on the referenda (although in regards to the referenda, I should hope that's painfully apparent - NO on both). Most of the people who read this blog are people I know, and you're all capable of making your own decisions. If you feel uninformed, I think you're capable of utilizing the Internet to figure out what's going on.
That said, this election is still going to be pretty exciting. Everyone was banking on a huge Democratic surge, but the polls from the last couple of days indicate that the surge has already rescinded, it's not certain that the Democrats will win everything they want. Probably the House; possibly the Senate; possibly the majority of governorships.

Gordon has written an excellent post on the Referendum to ban both Gay Marriage and Civil Unions. I've been meaning to pimp Gordon's blog for a while - his posts are what I wish mine would be more like - very coherent, well thought-out monologues that fully explain everything. Oh, well.

This is a website that my Poli Sci professor helps run. You can look at the nation-wide map for Senate, House, and Governor races. Holding your mouse over any state tells you who's winning and by what percentage. The data is taken from multiple polls and is definitely non-partisan. How much stock you hold in polls is up to you, but it's interesting to say the least.

Also, debate has been spawned in a post I wrote last week regarding gay marriage. Feel free to participate. Too many of my blog-readers agree on various issues. We need to spice it up.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 1:57 AM

Thanks for linking Gordon's post, it was very inspirational. Amendments like this one literally make me fear America, being singled out and demonised for political effect is a somewhat dehumanising position to be in, and I don't much like it. Fortunately for me, the gay community in Madison enjoys a lot of support, and it's particularly the support of Christians like you and Steph and Gordon and a slew of others that makes a huge difference to me on a personal level, and I hope to our community on a political level. I hope you lot know that it's people like you that make me challenge Christian-bashing when I hear it in the liberal community.

By Blogger Gretchen, at 5:32 AM, November 06, 2006  

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