wOct 24, 2006

you practically raised the dead

First of all: Guess what I found today in the closet/attic space when I finally gave up and put the window fan away?? No, seriously; guess. No. No. Okay, I'll tell you: A SPACE HEATER. It has been here THE WHOLE TIME. I screamed/cried with joy. I screamcried.

I am a very clumsy person. Last night, Chad was showing me how to set his alarm (OMG I have a snooze button now! Maybe I'll stop sleeping until it's time to scarf down breakfast and run to catch the bus!) and I got up off of my bed and lost my balance. I tried to catch it, half-twirled, and landed heavily on the ground, half-doing the splits and then crumpled in a fit of giggles.
This afternoon, I decided that on the way to the bathroom, it would be a great idea to leap over my basket of laundry. Of course, I went straight into the wall, knee first. So now my knee has this hideous bruise on it, and any time I bend it, I feel like bone is rubbing against some other bone. Hopefully it'll go away once the swelling stops. For now, I hobble around trying not to bend it, and climb the stairs on all fours.
I actually bruise very easily. Does it mean I have some kind of disease?

I finally watched the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica. Oh, man. Can I just say how much I love this show right now? Definitely the best show I'm watching on TV right now - I'm trying to love Studio 60 because Aaron Sorkin made it but thus far I think it's pretty crappy; The Office is obviously funny and I love Pam/Jim, but it's not as dark as I need it to be; Grey's Anatomy is about the sex lives of doctors. It's a fun soap opera, but you only get so much out of it. But, Battlestar Galactica? I'll fully admit that some of the second half of last season was sucky. It got stale. The characters, the premise, everything. So what does Ron Moore and the writing team do? This is what they do: In the middle of the last season finale, they jump one year into the future. They use a planet as a plot device, and basically mess with every character, especially a select few, as much as they psychologically can. Then they reunite everyone. Staleness? Totally fixed. Can I say how much I love Colonel Tigh right now? And I've hated him for the last 2 seasons! I love how this show manipulates your feelings for the characters. You never stay comfortable (except I've always loved Starbuck), never the same. So awesome. Even if you "don't like" science fiction, you should give Battlestar Galactica a try. Seriously. Best drama on television right now. I think that episode is tied for some West Wing episodes for the best 43 minutes of television that I've ever seen.

The church I attend here in Madison is called St. Paul's. It's right on State Street, and pretty heavily populated by UW students. One of the priests' name is Father Victor, and I like his homilies a lot. He's probably my favorite part of going to that church, because he's really cool. He spent 30 years serving in Sierra Leone, and was twice captured by rebels (and escaped the second time). While in prison, he saw people's hands chopped off, and eyes plucked out. The man has his own Wikipedia page. He's publishing a book some time this fall, presumably about his life in Sierra Leone. I want to read it. There's another article here. Badass.

A Trader Joe's store opened up here this last Friday, and my housemates and I went there this evening. I got lots of delicious food, and it was all very reasonable, too! I only spent $15, I think, so that was good. I'll need to scope it out more thoroughly in the future.

Why do professors who force their students to read 50+ pages of articles per week not give them a reading packet?! Seriously, the money I spend in ink is going to end up being double what I could have spent on a reading packet at Bob's Copy Shop.

Your Jackie Quote of the Day (and actually, it was yesterday, but I fell asleep before I finished blogging):
(To Chad, who is standing in the kitchen with his hands in his pockets, looking at me expectantly) "Don't stand there waiting for conversation! Go back downstairs! We're done!"

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:12 PM



thanks for your comment in my blog! IT ROCKED!

By Blogger Ogre, at 3:54 AM, October 25, 2006  

OMG RYAN, I am so happy for you!!!!!

Way to kick ass! Lol, I need to call my mom and tell her.

By Blogger Jackie, at 8:54 AM, October 25, 2006  

snooze buttons will be the death of me.

offical lyrics for the pot and rosetta stone'd were released a bit ago.

By Blogger MARC, at 7:36 PM, October 26, 2006  

OMF, were the lyrics difficult to find before?

By Blogger Jackie, at 10:01 PM, October 26, 2006  

Some people just bruise easier than others. A girl I work with came in to work a couple weeks ago with huge bruises on her arm in the shape of a hand-print. I would have seriously worried about her relationship status if I hadn't had a conversation with her months earlier about how she *always* bruises even if the initial damage wasn't even that bad. The key is if you start bruising really easily and it's a new development. If you've *always* bruised easily, though, then it's probably just some genetic difference.

By Anonymous Carolyn, at 12:33 PM, October 27, 2006  

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