wOct 21, 2006

Halloween in Madison

I had a post almost fully written, and another entire post I could have written, too. Instead, I will write this post.

I really think this is being absolutely ridiculous in regards to the way Madison is handling Halloween. Shutting down every place people could go to will make them have to leave and be on the streets. It's not going to make them go home. It's not going to make them happy, either.

Drunk people show up on State Street no matter what. Disallowing them entry, as well as not providing anywhere else to go, is going to make the problem worse.

You know what else is going to make the problem worse? Shutting down all University buildings starting at 9:00 pm. So that even the freaks who spend 6 hours every Saturday night watching Japanese cartoons on a big screen have nowhere else to go but State Street.

So yeah. I'll be laughing when they all have to deal with the mess they've only intensified with their stupidity.

I'm so sick of the people in charge of Central Reservations at this University. Why would they inform me of all of these stupid rules until today?! Why do they keep screwing my Club and I around with our room reservations, notifying me only 26 hours before Club actually meets which room we'll freaking be in this week?

I'm sick of it. I hope they enjoy my bitchy voicemail and slightly more rational email.

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